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GCSE: Physical Geography

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  1. Physical Case Studies AQA Revision notes - Ice, rivers and volcanoes.

    Gas, steam and ash blasted out of the top and of the side of the volcano, causing a pyroclastic flow moving at 300km/h, killing 61 people. Then hot magma melted the snow and flowed down the mountain at 35 m/s. * SHORT TERM RESPONSES: The president visited the area, diggers cleared the ash off roads, snowploughs were used in Ritzville to clear ash, 2000 stranded people cared for in nearby schools and churches, helicopters used to locate casualties * LONG TERM RESPONSES: Logging was hard hit by the lateral blast, but there was enough logs recovered to build 85000 three

    • Word count: 2464
  2. The research I have carried out to test if the statement Stretches of a river can be very different in terms of their processes and landforms has proven to be correct for my study area which was Ty ny Berth which is in Snowd

    The Bradshaw model The Bradshaw Model is a model that basically describes the geography of rivers. It describes the river's characteristics and how they may vary between the upper course and lower course of a river. By looking above at the visual representation above, you can see that as you go downstream discharge, occupied channel width, channel depth, average velocity and load quantity increases. However it also states that as you go downstream load particle size, channel bed roughness and slope angle (gradient)

    • Word count: 2509
  3. Research into the problem of flooding in the town of Santa Fe in Argentina.

    This length increases to 3,998 km (2,484 miles) if the distance is counted from the headwaters of the Paranaiba River in Brazil. It is considered second in size only to the Amazon River among South American Rivers. The Paran� River is formed at the confluence of the Paranaiba and Grande rivers in southern Brazil. From the confluence the river flows in a generally south-western direction for about 619 km (385 miles) before encountering the city of Saltos del Guaira, Paraguay.

    • Word count: 2177
  4. The structure of the Earth and the impact of volcanic eruptions.

    Conservative plate margins: The plates are sliding past each other. They are moving in similar directions, but at slightly different angles and speeds. As one plate moves quicker than the other plate, they will get stuck and the build-up of pressure will cause them to release which will cause an earthquake. There was an earthquake on the San Andreas Fault in 1906 where the earthquake was 7.9 on the Richter scale and 3,000 people were killed and 225,000 people were homeless.

    • Word count: 2832
  5. New Orleans Geology

    The city was originally founded in 1817 by the French Mississippi Company. The leader of the expedition who is credited with the discovery was Jean-Baptiste Le Moyne de Bienville. It was built at this location to be used as a trade and shipping post because of its access to the Mississippi River which spans more than 2,300 miles north. The river was perfect for shipping because once the ships crossed the Atlantic Ocean, instead of having to travel west by land, they could just continue their sailing straight into the Gulf of Mexico, stop in New Orleans to resupply and continue up the river with no detour needed.

    • Word count: 2580
  6. La Mesa Watershed

    is 78-80 meters above sea level. The main river system in La Mesa is the Calumpit River. The land surrounding the reservoir is a plantation forest with over 12,000 species of plants. As a result it is not as dense in forest cover, and thus rain and sunlight get through more easily. The advantage of this is that there is more ground cover due to exposure to sunlight. Also in addition to La Mesa having lots of plant species, it can be said that it is a healthy environment because there is Lichen growing on the trees (Figure 1.1).

    • Word count: 2993
  7. Taal Volcano

    In the west, the oceanic part of the Eurasian plate (South China Sea basin) is being subducted under the 560-mile length of the Manila and Sulu trenches. This produces a scattered line of active volcanoes from Taal to Iraya in the small islands north of Luzon. However, between the two gigantic plates are 4 microplates being squeezed together, with Taal being on the smallest micro plate, it's western boundary being pushed by the Eurasian plat while it's southern boundary and eastern boundary are transform margins (Figure1.1). This means that Taal volcano lies on a conservative margin known as the Philippine Fault but there are two subduction zones and the fault connects the two subduction zones, which makes the plate margin destructive (Figure 2).

    • Word count: 2428
  8. Vegetation Coursework

    The altitude of a place can affect the areas vegetation as the higher the altitude the more wind there is. Wind can cause soil erosion which means that the soils will not a have the nutrients to sustain a densely vegetated area. Availability of water body is a factor which determines the type of vegetation present in the area. Near rivers the vegetation is very dense as the soil has got a lot of nutrients; this is due to the pressure of the silt.

    • Word count: 2659
  9. Hunstanton coursework

    It has won sea - side awards for clean and tidy for many years. There are many attractions in Hunstanton including Hunstanton beach, princess theatre, Hunstanton pier entertainment, Hunstanton sea life sanctuary, black beards adventure golf, funfair, Hunstanton garden, Hunstanton lighthouse and kite surfing. The beach gives a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and the sunset in Hunstanton is very beautiful. The stripped cliffs are very beautiful on the top it is white stone followed by lime stone then red chalk and beneath is green carstone. On top of the striped cliffs is Hunstanton North Promenade, which has lovely gardens and walks overlooking the sea.

    • Word count: 2343
  10. Boscastle Flood - Info

    The quote reads, "Ever since I was born, Daddy has been the best father you could ever imagine and I just wanted to say I love him so much". This quote immediately gets rid of any nonsense. It is completely human. It also suggests a high level of love and devotion to the father that she has lost and it presents evidence that he was to her a nice, caring person despite his problems and the opinions of the press.

    • Word count: 2907
  11. 2009 Year 4 Geography Term 3 Week 3 Assignment

    For example in the Polar Regions or the Arctic Circle, the angle of incidence is extremely small. As the sun's rays are spread over a larger area, the heat is not as concentrated and is diffused. Because of the earth's spherical shape, the distance that the sun's rays reach the earth's surface is longer. Hence, more solar radiation would be lost via reflection, absorption and scattering. This is how latitude affects the temperature of an area. Another factor that affects the temperature would be altitude.

    • Word count: 2043
  12. Is porlock bay affected by longshore drift?

    The national park is called Exmoor national park. Somerset is a rural county in the UK. Tourism is very important in the county of Somerset. Minehead has more people employed, as tourism is its main source of income. Minehead attracts tourists to the area because it is near to the coast and has lovely beaches. The amusement park, Butlins drives some of the economy and attracts many tourists to the area. Porlock Bay is a good summer destination for tourists as it has good industry. There are many good hotels, inns, restaurants and shops. Porlock has its own visitor centre and is only seven miles away from Minehead which is a popular tourist attraction in the county of Somerset.

    • Word count: 2458
  13. Social Environments.

    This area would have been a working class area close to the city of Ipswich and would have been designed to be near existing transport which would have been the existing rail network. The houses would have been constructed of timber weather board, which were the cheapest materials for construction at the time. The roofs were tile or tin. The block sizes are small, on average 1/3 acre. They were only fenced at the back and sides, to decrease cost.

    • Word count: 2912
  14. Sydney to the southern highlands

    This can be obviously seen from figure 2 which is an urban transect from Sydney to Moss Vale. Figure 2. Urban Transect from Sydney to Moss Vale. There are 3 main areas where a large change can be seen in the urban transect. These are changes in building types, Transport infrastructure and a change in open space or density. Change in Building Types Using Figure 2 it is obvious that as you travel away from Sydney the height and size of the buildings slowly diminishes. In the CBD there are large commercial and residential buildings (such as Figure 3), because it is the largest area in Sydney.

    • Word count: 2331
  15. Investigating - 'The bigger the Shopping Centre, the greater the Market Area.'

    An example of this would be the Bullring - it has amazing access, and people travel well out of an average Market Area for some shopping centres to visit it. The Bullring has a vast range of shops, it has several specialist shops - a better range of shops is another reason why some shopping centres have a great Market Area, visitors want the convenience of having a load of High Order shops in big centres like these. Acocks Green mainly has Low Order shops so it is for convenience to residents around it and Tyseley, people will possibly come

    • Word count: 2989
  16. Lulworth Cove Coursework

    As a result of this there have been some vast changes to Lulworth and its coastal environment. Lulworth is a band of rock strata running parallel to the shore; a concordant coastline. This concordant coastline has formed several coves across the area, such as Lulworth Cove which we all know so famously today. Figure 2 - Aerial view of Lulworth Cove Lulworth Cove would have been formed over hundreds of thousands of years. Initially there would have been several bands of rock running parallel to the shore.

    • Word count: 2081
  17. Geography in the News

    Jack: It must be below freezing for these crystals to form. Harvey: All these ice crystals are different, but all are symmetrical. They Form in different sizes and more and more water vapour freezes onto them. Conor: When the cloud reaches a dense level, the flakes will be released. They then come into contact with warmer air as they fall which melts them slightly. Alex: This melting causes the flakes to stick together, forming the typical fluffy snow which hits us on ground level. It is hard to find single snowflakes in their branched out shape because of this.

    • Word count: 2389
  18. Free essay

    Exploitation and management of resources

    It is the freshwater that we rely on for industry, agriculture and domestic use that we are using faster than it can naturally replenish. The diagram below shows the Average national water footprint per capita. The areas shaded green means that the nation's water footprint is equal to or smaller than the global average. The red areas have a water footprint beyond the national average. 2 Exploitation case study; Lake Kinneret, Israel, the only major natural freshwater lake in the Middle East, has been transformed functionally into a reservoir over the course of less than 70 years of hydrological alterations aimed mostly at producing electrical power and increasing domestic and agricultural water supply.

    • Word count: 2874
  19. Geography Coursework - Data Interpretation

    The Spider Graph also says that Robin Hood Green was a very small area compared to the Pillow Mounds. This means that not as many activities, like ball games or biking can be done in R.H.G. This will make people who want to do those activities go to Pillow Mounds instead. R.H.G is also surrounded by a large amount of trees. This makes the area receive less sunlight and will be less appealing to tourists who want to spend a whole day out.

    • Word count: 2077
  20. geography coursework!done!!!

    We are trying to investigate weather it applies to Exeter clear marks should be found around the city that indicate that core and the frame exist. We would expect Exeter to have a core frame model as it applies to most cities of a similar size. Aims: -Our main aim is to find out if the core frame model applies to Exeter. To find this we researched many different things: -Carried out pedestrian counts in different sections of the C.B.D.

    • Word count: 2496
  21. GCSE Geography

    That is what the dunes at druridge bay should be made up of. Dune shape The dunes at druridge bay should be like a model sand dune but they are not. I will explain why they are not. embryo dune is formed by sand being blown over the strand line which is a deposit of sea weed that has been washed-up. Forming a small dune measuring 1-2m. Once embryo dune is formed marrow grass starts to grow replacing seu couch grass.

    • Word count: 2637
  22. Bournemouth vs barton on sea coastal defence management

    This in some places, including Barton on sea, causes rotational cliff slumping in which the cliff slides down into the sea. The base is made of a soft, permeable rock like clay and when it gets wet becomes unstable and just slumps into the sea. Bournemouth Bournemouth is a large town and tourist resort, situated on the south coast of England. With a population of 163,600 it is the largest settlement in the ceremonial county of Dorset. The town is a regional centre of education and business, and forms the main part of the South East Dorset conurbation, with the adjoining town of Poole.

    • Word count: 2337
  23. Was it the human or natural causes that caused the 1998 floods in bangladesh?

    The methods used to guard Bangladesh against floods: Plan 1 * Build embankments along the river channel: they would have to be built up to seven meters in height and would have to be built along the river and not just in the village. * For: Villagers: because it provides them with jobs * Against: Government because it is expensive, Farmers: because they would lose land and citizens who lived next to the stagnant water because there is a higher risk of disease due to mosquitoes * Rank order 6 * My opinion on this is that the embankments would

    • Word count: 2248
  24. Free essay

    Notes on Solar power.

    Popularity with the public - Solar panels have been selling ok, thought last year, but as the credit crunch is on, a china firm that makes the soar panels have announced a price drop for 2009, so I think that the popularity will go up this year. Cost - Individual plans start at �9.95 per month, which is �233.50 per year. To have a person come down and fit them for you will cost you (average house) around �560.00, so it is a lot of money.

    • Word count: 2702
  25. Debden Brook Rivers Coursework Data Collection Table

    - The tools used did not cost a lot. - Used cheap, simple equipment (tape measure) - Tape measure was very old, and had a few cm cut off, which they replaced with a small piece of rope. Although we were told that it was measured exact and should not make a difference, however, there still is a chance that human error might have occurred when measuring the rope, and therefore is not very accurate. - The rainfall recorded for the day before I had gone to take these measurements showed that there was a significant amount of rainfall.

    • Word count: 2627

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  • Discuss what is global warming. And the effects that global warming gives and how to prevent it.

    "In conclusion, if there was no greenhouse effect then there would be no global warming. The greenhouse effect causes the global warming to increase as well as humans and other creatures influence. There are many ways to help prevent and protect both. If people try to help out, then it would be a longer process to keep the ozone layer healthy longer. But, nothing will be done until we as humans start helping out."

  • Discuss the causes of Global Warming

    "Therefore to conclude, although the 'natural greenhouse effect' does exist it is enhanced by the considerable role human activity has to play and although predictions have been made as to what the long term results will be, such as melting of polar ice caps which will cause coastal flooding and also a significant change in climate with more frequent tropical storms (UNFCCC), it can not be certain what positive feedbacks have already occurred."

  • It is no good trying to save the rainforest if it means putting thousands of people out of work. To what extent do you agree/disagree with this statement?

    "In conclusion, I think the Amazon rainforest should be saved as it is an important part of our lives and without it, we would be plunging into global warming into an even more alarming rate. The way to save the rainforest is to stop people wanting to destroy it and the way to do this is give people what they want from the forests without destroying them. With many people, this is money. Calling off the debt, in my opinion, is the best way to save the forests. Are we going to be remembered for saving humanity, or dooming it with cattle ranching, slash and ranch, illegal logging, deforestation and urbanization? We can still choose!"

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