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GCSE: Physical Geography

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  1. River Rother

    At mid point (Bodiam), we will use a tape measurer crossing via a bridge. At the lower course (Rye), we will either estimate or use a secondary source. The hypothesis we expect to be proven correct that the width does get bigger as you carry on down the rivers course. Depth At Battle and Sedlescombe we will measure the river's depth 5cm interval to find out the shape of the river channel. At Bodiam there is a bridge and at every meter we will measure the depth using a tape measure with a weight at the end to hold it down.

    • Word count: 4057
  2. Cliff erosion in East Sussex - the processes, problems and solutions.

    Summary of the Processes of Erosion and Weathering Coastal Erosion:- * Corrasion- the wearing away of cliffs by large waves hurling beach material against them. * Attrition- is when waves cause rocks and boulders on the beach to collide with each other and break up into smaller pieces. * Corrosion/solution- is when salts or other acids in sea water slowly dissolve a cliff. Eg salt spray. * Hydraulic action- is the force of waves trapping and compressing air in cracks, thus cracking pieces of rock away from the cliff.

    • Word count: 6997
  3. Comparison between Cambridge park and candie gardens

    Hypotheses Traffic and transport * There will be more traffic around Cambridge Park, as opposed to Candie Gardens; I believe Cambridge Park is the more popular site out of the two, so there should be more traffic going towards it. * There will be more transport around Cambridge Park as opposed to Candie Gardens; Cambridge Park has better traffic links around it and also I believe the more popular site so should have better transport links. * Candie Gardens will have less parking zones in comparison to Cambridge Park; If Cambridge Park has more traffic flow in and out of it everyday then it should have more parking then Candie Gardens.

    • Word count: 4458
  4. Urban regeneration

    Aims and Hypothesis: Hypothesis 1: The effects of Stratford City will have more positive impact than negative ones. Hypothesis 2: Stratford City redevelopment will improve the economy of the area. Hypothesis 3: The environmental impact of Stratford City redevelopment will be positive once completed. Throughout the process of investigating these hypothesises, I will do some work individually, however I will do some stuff in pairs or a group. I will do practical work such as surveying and data collection in a pair/ group.

    • Word count: 7924
  5. Field investigation around the hypothesis: The River Piddles bed load will become smaller and rounder downstream.

    However, the Bradshaw Model does not mention the size of the sediment in the bed load, and so I hope my investigation will discover whether in the case of the River Piddle, the position in the river of the sediment will have an effect on its size. Likewise, the Bradshaw Model shows that channel velocity, depth and width increase as the river moves further downstream, and so I hope to show that there is a correlation between these factors, and the size and shape of the bed load.

    • Word count: 3431
  6. Plannng an expedition to an extreme environment.Svalbard. Glaciers as an attraction and under threat.

    They will help me to find my way back if I get lost. Water is good because it stop me from being dehydrated. Dry food is ideal in this weather as it is easy to cook and quick. Swiss knives are useful because you never know when you need it. I will need it to open a can or defend myself when I get attacked by a bear. Task 2: Glacier retreat project A: Find maps and photographs of Glaciers on Spitsbergen 1: Label the features you can see 2: How did glacier form and move?

    • Word count: 3646
  7. To what extent Rothbury fits a model of tourist honeypot

    This can lead to overcrowding at times, which causes a lot of traffic problems. Due to more number of tourists the government has increased different facilities for the outside people which have rather limited local people facilities. There can be a lot of litter seen as people don't use the bins and throw rubbish on the ground which results in foul smell in the surrounding areas. In off peak times for example in winters local people feel alone as there are more holiday homes in the neighbourhood and they have a really limited choice to buy houses.

    • Word count: 4381
  8. Global warming

    During the day, the Earth is warmed by incoming solar radiation, but loses heat during the night through outgoing infrared radiation. Over a long time, the Earth's temperatures remain consistent due to the balance of incoming and outgoing solar radiation. The greenhouse effect makes the planet suitable for life as we know it and without the greenhouse gases, heat would escape to outer space and as a result the earth's average temperature would be approximately 33� Celsius colder. Current life on Earth could not be sustained without the natural greenhouse effect but, due to certain human activities, the greenhouse effect is becoming stronger which is causing the warming that has been observed over the past century.

    • Word count: 3416
  9. Analysis of The Maer at exmouth, coursework

    I did questionnaires, pedestrian counts and a land use map. See methodology table for extra information. The Barbeque/ Picnic Area In the middle of The Maer, there is a whole area designated to barbeques and picnics. There are plenty of litter bins nearby and also some toilets. It also has many built in barbeques for the summer months so that tourists don't have to bring one. This is strong evidence that during the summer months, The Maer is a popular barbeque spot for tourists and the community. Housing and the Tennis Courts The tennis courts at The Maer are used regularly by members and often hold many competitions.

    • Word count: 3467
  10. Morpeth Coursework

    Cars, buses, Lorries will be passing through the central business districts as it is the main area for people to meet or get to another place. The central business district will be more noise polluted, air polluted, and will have a lot of litter, graffiti and vandalism than the urban fringe or the higher class residential area, as many people will not visited the urban fringe as most of it is all country side and agricultural land. As for the higher class residential area people will think twice before littering or vandalizing due to the class of people residing in the area.

    • Word count: 8914
  11. Investigationg Eco-systems At Sand Dunes

    To prove these predictions we will take soil samples and record information on vegetation at four different sand dunes. In our groups we will collect our soil samples, to investigate soil variables, we will use a soil auger, a quadrat and a polythene bag. We will place our quadrat on our groups designated area and take a soil sample from each corner of the quadrat (as shown by the diagram to the left), using the soil auger, and put the sample into the polythene bag.

    • Word count: 3090
  12. How and why does environmental quality change around Croydon?

    Pedestrian flow is highest where environmental quality is highest - I expect to find that large numbers of pedestrians will gather where environmental is highest due to the fact that the higher-order shops, restaurants and general conveniences are located there. Number of chewing gum marks on pavement will increase with distance from the CBD - I expect to find that, as with my first hypothesis, increased levels of maintenance in the CBD will mean that the number of chewing gum marks on the pavement will indeed increase with distance from the CBD.

    • Word count: 3585
  13. Geography- Whistable Coast Project

    Information sources Through out by project, I have used two types of information, primary and secondary. Primary Data- Data that you have got yourself and is not someone else's, examples of primary data are results taken form field work like the LSD survey, beach profile etc, photos that you have taken yourself. Secondary Data- Data from other sources than your self- not your own information; examples are books, magazine, internet (wikipedia, Google images etc), and the Whistable tourist website. Back Ground Information: Humans use the coast line in various. It plays an essential part of the economy in that local area.

    • Word count: 6235
  14. Swanage Geography Coursework

    There are a lot of things tourist's could involving themselves with in Swanage. They could visit the beach or go to the retail stores or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The main reason why people would go to Swanage is simply because it is both affordable and enjoyable le which are the two important factor of a vacation. Tourism is very important in Swanage because without it the facilities that are being opened in Swanage will eventually close down due to no profit thereby no developments will be made, which will make swanage a place that wouldn't be nice to visit.

    • Word count: 3140
  15. how brent fits the burgess model

    In 1913 Henry Ford introduced mass production to speed up production. The production was broken down to small tasks. It was efficient and produced more goods at a cheaper price. The new factories that opened caused many people to move to cites for work. Jobs in farming also declined because of new machinery to do more work. Cities therefore grew rapidly with packed housing growing around the CBD historic centre. Nowadays the production is better than ever before. This links to urban growth because railways changed rural areas like Brent to become part of the urban area of London.

    • Word count: 8575
  16. The Truth about Climate Change

    What evidence is there that it is happening? Scientists believe that climate change may happen due to these factors: * Natural factors, such as changes in the sun's intensity or slow changes in the Earth's orbit around the sun * Natural processes within the climate system (e.g. changes in ocean circulation) * Human activities that change the atmosphere's composition (e.g. through burning fossil fuels) and the land surface (e.g. deforestation, reforestation, urbanization, desertification, etc.) And climate changes, like ice age, have happened many times before on Earth, but those were all natural, they occurred because of the first two factors shown above.

    • Word count: 4563
  17. To delimit the edge of the Central Business district of Nottingham along a transect line

    This means that the shop frontages will be larger as the business's will be able to afford larger premises. Using this knowledge, I formed the basis of Hypothesis 2. * Hypothesis 3 - As the CBD is the most pedestrianised area it will also be the best maintained place to create a clean and friendly shopping area. Although the large number of people and large amount of food stores will mean more potential for rubbish, but road sweepers are employed to clean the streets. At site 1, furthest away from the CBD the need for a clean environment where people will want to return to and shop is less than in the CBD, due to the land use being mainly housing.

    • Word count: 6107
  18. H Head sea defences

    Also the cages absorb the force of the waves and hold back the material behind them. The Gabion is working brilliantly to protect the South Cliff. The people walking on the land at the top of the cage would not be able to walk there if it wasn't for the Gabion. The Gabion prevents slumping which stops the material falling onto the beach and keeps it in one steady place. The gabion stops the waves eroding the ground further down. There is a footpath which is not visible in this image. This footpath wouldn't be there since the waves would have reached there if the Gabions weren't built and eroded the rocks and made large cracks, making it dangerous to walk on.

    • Word count: 3162
  19. Global Warming Newspaper

    * Turning your central heating down by just 2�c in your home could not only help slow down global warming, but it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide by 300kg a year. * If you clean your filters in your air conditioning, you could save 350pounds of carbon dioxide form being emitted every year. * If you turn your T.V off instead of leaving it on standby, you could save 40% of the energy used with your television. * Change your older models of fridges or freezers for a newer one.

    • Word count: 3850
  20. How has the landscape developed along the coastline between Prawle Point & Start Bay in Devon?

    We can say that the graphs are both 'middle heavy', or 'pear shaped'. However, the obvious difference between the two Regions is the Total population, with Essex nearly having twice the amount of Devon's. This shows that Devon is not very populated compared to Barkingside. Another difference between Slapton, and Barkingside, is that Slapton is predominately white and Christian, with its church and cemetery, whereas, Barkingside has many races, and has churches, synagogues, and mosques. I also noticed that Slapton has a lot of old people, which tells us that overall slapton has an ageing population, differentiating with Barkingside, which

    • Word count: 3189
  21. Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park

    Hypothesis 1: River depth -As the river flow downstream the river depth increases. Justification: The river depth increases because of the 3 process of erosion will take place (Corrasion, Attrition, and Corrosion). Fine light material held in suspension rubs against the river bank wearing it away (corrasion). Then there will be materials (large boulders) moved along the bed of the river forming the banks and bed of the river (Attrition, Corrosion) and with the addition the sheer force of water hitting the banks of the river as the river flow downstream this can cause the river depth to increase.

    • Word count: 3694
  22. To what extent should Walton-on-the-naze be protected from the sea?

    Agriculture was used a lot when Britain was at war, what happened was when the British were at war with the Germans, the Germans kept using their U-boats to destroy all supply ships which ere attempting to supply Britain with crucial supplies. But there was a big problem most supplying ships never made it to Britain, this was Germany's idea of getting Britain to surrender, but the British government made a comeback and started producing agriculture all over Britain so they did not have to rely on anyone else for supplies.

    • Word count: 4612
  23. Geography Coursework, Thailand

    All of the following had improved Chiang Mai's economy as tourism is a way to obtain income, create jobs and to improve living standards. However, the Tsunami crisis in Phuket in 2005 and the New Year's Eve bombing in Bangkok had a negative impact on Thailand's economy and especially weakened the Tourism industry. In fact, the number of arrivals from East Asia had a sharp drop of 7.34 per cent compared to the percentage from last year. (2) In a report, Hong Kong was reported as the most affected market decline of 43.38 percent, followed by China with 28.74 per cent and Vietnam with 27.52 per cent.

    • Word count: 4132
  24. Shops and services Affecting House Prices

    This means that the commercial centre of Northwood is quite accessible. Many people using the commercial centre do not necessarily live locally in Northwood, raising Threshold Populations* to the requirements of middle order** shops/services. *Threshold Population is the minimum number of population required in an area for a shop/service to be viable for that area. ** Order-shops can be positioned into a hierarchy based upon the services they offer. At the foundation of the hierarchy are small shops selling convenience goods that are needed daily, such as a newspaper from a newsagent.

    • Word count: 3538
  25. Is There a Relationship Between Desirability and Quality of Life at Ward Level in Worcester?

    It is an old city with a lot of character, including a cathedral and surrounding it is pleasant countryside with the Malvern Hills to the south west and the river Severn running through its centre. It is also within close proximity to England's second largest city, Birmingham. Subsequently it acts as a satellite settlement for Birmingham. The wealthier populations of Birmingham move to Worcester which is perceived as being in a more attractive area and is an older city with a lot more character in comparison to Birmingham which is a newer larger city.

    • Word count: 4896

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss what is global warming. And the effects that global warming gives and how to prevent it.

    "In conclusion, if there was no greenhouse effect then there would be no global warming. The greenhouse effect causes the global warming to increase as well as humans and other creatures influence. There are many ways to help prevent and protect both. If people try to help out, then it would be a longer process to keep the ozone layer healthy longer. But, nothing will be done until we as humans start helping out."

  • Discuss the causes of Global Warming

    "Therefore to conclude, although the 'natural greenhouse effect' does exist it is enhanced by the considerable role human activity has to play and although predictions have been made as to what the long term results will be, such as melting of polar ice caps which will cause coastal flooding and also a significant change in climate with more frequent tropical storms (UNFCCC), it can not be certain what positive feedbacks have already occurred."

  • It is no good trying to save the rainforest if it means putting thousands of people out of work. To what extent do you agree/disagree with this statement?

    "In conclusion, I think the Amazon rainforest should be saved as it is an important part of our lives and without it, we would be plunging into global warming into an even more alarming rate. The way to save the rainforest is to stop people wanting to destroy it and the way to do this is give people what they want from the forests without destroying them. With many people, this is money. Calling off the debt, in my opinion, is the best way to save the forests. Are we going to be remembered for saving humanity, or dooming it with cattle ranching, slash and ranch, illegal logging, deforestation and urbanization? We can still choose!"

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