River Chess Coursework

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River Chess Coursework

My coursework involve a study of the river chess near Amersham. It is obviously based on the work that we did as part of the Rivers module. My work will show how this river changes as it moves downstream.

Firstly, the River Chess springs from the Chess Valley in Chesham and Hertfordshire which is in South-East of England. The reason why we studied R. Chess is because the nearest river to us and it will be wise to take measurements of the size of a small river instead of a large e.g. Thames, where it will be difficult to take measurements. Chess River has a drainage basin of 105 square km that covers parts of Chesham, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire.

                         Site 1: 1.5 km from source                                                    





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Overall a very strong introduction. A few grammar issues need attention but otherwise well structured and clear.