Swanage Geography Coursework

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  • Retail opportunities in Swanage are geared towards the need of tourists

This is the first of the 2 hypotheses I am going to be focusing on in my coursework, I will be using a variety of graphs and relevant statistics to prove my hypothesis. Throughout my coursework you will notice how I will link back my explanation towards my hypothesis and give my opinion of how shops in Swanage need tourist’s to be able to run their business successfully.

  • Retail Opportunities in Swanage urgently need to be redeveloped to take into account the needs of local population

This will be the second of the 2 hypothesises I will be focusing on and developing as well. This hypothesis is about redeveloping shops in Swanage that need to be redeveloped; I will be working on this near the end of my coursework as I do see areas which are in desperate need of improvement.   As I developing the areas of Swanage which need developing I will give explanations as to why I made that choice and what positive impacts can come from it.

Site Map of Swanage

For my coursework I was asked to produce a Site Map of Swanage which shows the 6 different areas of the area.

  • Tourist Facilities
  • Retail Streets
  • Holiday Flats
  • Hotels
  • Residential Leisure
  • Residential Houses

 As you can see from figure 1.2 I took the liberty of colour coding these areas so that it would be easier to analyse later for future reference in my coursework. From the Site Map you can see that there is large amount of Tourist Facilities. This further proves my hypothesis 1 which I will discuss later in my coursework.

Why is Swanage a Tourist Attraction?

Swanage is a place where it is unlikely for you to walking around aimlessly doing nothing; this is one of the reasons why tourists enjoy visiting the area. There are a lot of things tourist’s could involving themselves with in Swanage. They could visit the beach or go to the retail stores or just relax and enjoy the scenery. The main reason why people would go to Swanage is simply because it is both affordable and enjoyable le which are the two important factor of a vacation. Tourism is very important in Swanage because without it the facilities that are being opened in Swanage will eventually close down due to no profit thereby no developments will be made, which will make swanage a place that wouldn’t be nice to visit.

Geology of Swanage Beach

In Figure 1.3 you can see it is fairly detailed geological diagram of swanage beach, it also shows all the rocks involved within the beach which will be useful to most geographers.

Background Information of Swanage

On this Page in my coursework I will give statistics and graphs about some of the relevant information on Swanage like population, Employment Rate, Age Structure etc. From these results it should give me a clear indication about Swanage and its history.

Population of Swanage

In Figure 2.1 it shows both the statistics and the graph of the Population of Swanage as you can throughout the years is has increased in population. However from the year 1921-1931 there was a major decrease in population. This is probably due to people migrating out of the area because of expenses of houses or people just simply wanted to move out. From 1951 to 2001 there is a constant increase meaning in the future Swanage will overpopulate due to the large tourists and residents.

2001 Census Data for Swanage

In Figure 2.2 you can see that it shows both statistics and graphs for the population of Male and Females in Swanage and Dorset. Obviously Swanage is a smaller area than Dorset so Dorset’s results will obviously be greater in population. In both areas Females have a higher population than Males. The reason for this is probably because there are more retail shops that attract for Females than Males.

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Age Structure

This Graph shows the Age structure of people from both Dorset and Swanage. From Figure 2.3 you can see that the people from (18-44) and (60-84) have the highest amount of %. This shows that middle aged people live in Swanage and Dorset than Older or Younger people. This means that most residential people who live in Swanage have Jobs or have Part-time Job and owns a house or an apartment. There are hardly any 16-17 yr olds also there aren’t that many elderly people as well.


From all of the statistics I have ...

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