'The growth of the high-tech industry has had a positive effect on the Cambridge area'.

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The aim of this project is to prove or disprove the hypothesis that, ‘The growth of the high-tech industry has had a positive effect on the Cambridge area’.

Cambridge is one of the leading centres for research and development in the world. This attracts many of the top high-tech companies to locate there. As more companies locate in Cambridge the job opportunities rise, in 1945 there were approximately 50,000 jobs this figure has rose to 80,000 in 1996. This is what caused Cambridge to become the fastest growing county in the UK this is also one of the positive impacts of a Science Park locating in Cambridge.  

A Science Park is a collection of high-tech companies or research institutes located in one area. They are usually situated in a very attractive environment and have close connections to a University. On the premises of a Science Park there are no factories, the Park is for research purposes only.

A high-tech industry is linked to science and technology, for example, electronics, computing and medical equipment production. They are involved in a lot of research and development this usually takes place on Science Parks. Production of high-tech products is done in factories elsewhere.

Results and Analysis

Cambridge has become a popular location for high-tech companies as it has good infrastructure there are many roads, there is also a railway line running quite close by, there is an airport situated on the outskirts of the town this means that the Cambridge area has good communication and easy access. There are also many colleges in the area and links to Cambridge University, so there are many qualified people to work for the companies. Another incentive was that Cambridge is an attractive area there are also many satisfactory high quality buildings. There are many research facilities available for the companies. The Science Park was established by the Trinity College to attract high-tech companies to locate there.

Most of the high-tech companies situated in Cambridge are found in the science park. It is found North of the town centre. We conducted a survey on the types of high-tech industry situated in the Science Park, the results are shown in the table below.

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As you can see from the results there were more pharmaceutical companies than any other situated on the Science Park. We also found a nursery, gym, bar and restaurant and various other facilities for workers. This is also attractive for companies as there are facilities for employees to use, this increases the amount of people wanting to work in the Science Park.

Workers and companies are also attracted to the Science Park, as it is a very clean modern area. We also conducted a survey of the quality of environment.

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