Tourism growth and decline- Blackpool

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GCSE Geography – Tourism

The Rise and Fall of Blackpool

Why Blackpool has declined - Social, Economic and Environmental points

Problems in Blackpool

Solutions to the problems

It was raining in Blackpool which drove away the tourists .

Indoor swimming pools and attractions . There is upgraded sea centre . There is the world’s largest mirror ball . There is the Blackpool tower which gives an amazing view of the Blackpool coastline , this attracts in the tourists.

It was hard to get to

M55 was completed as the motorway link from the M6

Package holidays became cheaper which was competition for Blackpool

St John’s square is now there , this brings in tourists . This has been pedestrianised with new greenery , paving and lighting . This has enhance the reputation and atmosphere of Blackpool . A wave sculpture has been added in and there is Wi-Fi , this attracts in the younger generation .

Blackpool become overcrowded , there was a lack of parking

More parking has been added in

Blackpool had an increase in the number of hen do’s and stag parties , this meant there was more drunks around .

At night you can go to Brilliance which is a light show which allows you to explore the town

Lack of shopping centres

Hound shill shopping centre has been redeveloped with popular chain stores such as Debenhams .

Coast was getting eroded

The sea defences have been damaged so there are now “Spanish steps” where people can sit and eat , the coast is protected and there is a increase in public access to the sea front .
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Blackpool improvements

A new tramway terminus will be built close to Blackpool North station

The Blackpool Council hoping to connect the current line to Blackpool North station as part of an £18.2m scheme . The Blackpool council will invest 4.7million to the extension of the tram lines and the government will pay the rest. There will be a link to the national rail network . Although the locals aren’t too happy as there will be a lot of traffic and there have been past accidents involving trams. No new tram lines have been laid ...

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