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Tourism has a negative impact on Castleton a honey pot location

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Tourism has a negative impact on Castleton a honey pot location Introduction For my GCSE geography coursework we are finding out whether tourism has a negative impact on Castleton a honey pot location. Castleton is in the peak district. Figure 1 Figure 1 shows the peak district in the u.k and where Castleton is located in relation to it. Castleton lies in the Hope Valley between the Dark Peak and the White Peak areas of the Peak District. It is a very popular tourist location as it is not too far from many towns as shown in figure 2 which is a map of Castleton in the High Peak. Figure 2 There is a lot to do in Castleton and there is something for everyone as there are great walks, great scenery, shops and caf�'s and the village itself is beautiful. Figure 3 shows a close up map of Castleton and indicates some places which attract tourists. Figure 3 The 4 main concepts within my study were: * Traffic congestion- how many cars were going into and away from Castleton at two set times and at three different places * Footpath Erosion- how much the footpath has been eroded by humans and how wide it has become from its original path * Land usage- the land used for different buildings and businesses as well as recreational activities * Sphere of influence- where people have come from. ...read more.


I did it this way so all the data matched and fit together with the questionnaire. Also I added an extra question to my questionnaire asking which age group people fell into with choices from 10-20 up to 70+ to find out who is most attracted to Castleton. I asked this of the people I questioned so my data corresponded with the other data from the questionnaire and so I had a good range of ages and so I had enough data to make it relevant. Data Presentation Figure 4 Figure 5 Figure 6 Figure 7 Pindale road Time- 10.35 Traffic towards centre Traffic away from centre Pindale road Time- 1.25 Traffic towards centre Traffic away from centre Number of cars 3 2 Number of cars 2 0 Number of lorries 0 0 Number of lorries 0 0 Number of bikes 0 0 Number of bikes 1 0 Number of other vehicles 0 0 Number of other vehicles 1 0 Total number of vehicles 3 2 Total number of vehicles 4 0 Buxton road Time- 10.11 Buxton road Time- 1.10 Number of cars 15 15 Number of cars 15 17 Number of lorries 0 0 Number of lorries 0 0 Number of bikes 1 1 Number of bikes 0 0 Number of other vehicles 2 1 Number of ...read more.


Figure 9 is showing the land usage in the main areas of Castleton. It highlights the different types of buildings in the local area and where the main residential areas are in comparison to local businesses. Most of the residential areas are around How Lane and Mill Lane whereas the shops and other businesses are spread around Cross Street/Buxton Road as well as smaller streets like The Stones. This may be because the main car park is located here as is the tourist information centre. This is where tourists are most likely to go to and having shops close by is a good business opportunity. Figure 12 and 13 show the footpath erosion in two areas off Pindale Road. Figure 12 shows that the footpath has been eroded quite dramatically across the whole width (maximum of 27cm). The depth erosion doesn't gradually increase it drops straight away from both edges of the footpath. Figure 13 shows less erosion on the footpath but it is still eroded at 20cm at the deepest. Figure 12 may show the most erosion because people are more likely to walk a short distance up in to the valley and then just stop to look at the natural beauty of the place. Figure 13 may show less erosion because it is higher up and people are less likely to walk up to it. ...read more.

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