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Background information about Tourism in Antarctica.

Commercial tourism in Antarctica began in 1957 but only became a serious activity in 1969. Since then the industry has grown considerably both in numbers and diversity. Whilst most tourists still visit on ship – borne cruises, some now take over flights from Australia or South America, other fly n to a blue ice airfield and climb mountains or ski to the South Pole. Most tourists visit the Antarctic Peninsula and offshore islands to see the scenery, the wildlife and some of the historical sites of the early explorers. A small but increasing minority are now looking for other activities-sky diving, climbing, surfing, diving, ski walking – which may pose difficult safety issues in the future.

Where is Antarctica?

Antarctica is the 's most southern . It is found in the . As you can see on the map on the right, Antarctica is located at the very south on the earth’s map. Antarctica is also known as the South Pole.

Why is Antarctica unique?

Antarctica is such a unique continent because there is nowhere else in the world with such a cold (-80C), windy (100kph) winter. In addition, there is a time of year where the sun does

Not shine for about 4 months. In addition, Antarctica is unique because

It is full of ice, and being there will be very peaceful and cold.

Moreover, the day is 6months long and the night is obviously

6 months long too. Antarctica is the one place where the penguins

can be found. Penguins cannot be found in the arctic region because it is colder. And also, Antarctica

Is a place where the rarest species of animals can be found.

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Why are tourists attracted to Antarctica?

Tourists are attracted to Antarctica because it is very hard to get to by ordinary means of travel. You cannot just 'buy' a plane ticket to go to Antarctica, so tourists are attracted to it. Moreover, there is nothing else in the world like it (except the North Pole), which makes tourists even more attracted to it. Antarctica is also unusual because it is full of ice. In addition, the Scenery is different and tourists will take photos to make memories of Antarctica, which is an unusual continent.

What do people ...

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