Types of Tourism and Travel Providers.

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Assignment 1: Introduction to the Travel and Tourism sector

Types of Tourism:

Domestic tourism is when a tourist goes on holiday within their own country for example a day trip to Alton Tower.

Outbound tourism is where a tourist travels from their own country to a different country for a holiday or leisure purposes. An example would be a family take a week’s trip to Dubai.

Inbound Tourism is when a tourist from a different country enters another country for leisure purposes for example a group of friends visiting the UK for leisure purposes.

There are lots of different components that make up the Tourism industry:


There are 2 types of accommodation serviced and non-serviced.

Serviced accommodation is where a service is provided for example thing like room service, a cleaner who cleans your room in the morning and meals are provided an example would be Marriott Hotel  Mostly Inbound, Outbound and some domestic, business and leisure tourist will use this kind of accommodation.

A non –serviced accommodation is where there is no service provided so thing like cleaning and food is your own responsibility an example would be  mostly domestic tourists will use this kind of accommodation, also a minority of inbound tourist might use this type of accommodation.

Transport provision

There 4 main types of Transport provision which are Road, Rail, Air and sea.

Mostly road travel is used by domestic tourists for day trips or a trip to another city mostly; however some people take long road trips for example driving from Italy to the UK by car. There are also coach services that do international routes for example Eurolines is a coach company part of the national express who travel to different parts of the EU from the UK.

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Rail travel has become very popular and cheaper if booked in advanced so it is used a lot more for domestic travel for example Leeds to London on the East Coast is very cheap as a return ticket start from £18 and it’s only a 2 hour journey so it get you there quite fast compared to road travel. There is also a very big train link between London and France which is the Euro Tunnel and a high speed train service the Euro Star does many services a day to France and back.

Air Travel has become the most ...

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