What and where is the rainforest ecosystem?

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What and where is the rainforest ecosystem?

An Ecosystem is the interrelationship between plants and animals and their living and non-living environment. In an ecosystem there would be stores of energy. In this case the example of stores are the people and the trees in the rainforest. The inputs of a rainforest are the Ecosystem, and the outputs are what material is lost.

This map is showing where the Amazon rainforest is positioned within South America. As you see majority of South America is the Amazon rainforest. On the map the green parts are the Amazon rainforest The Amazon rainforest is located near the equator; this is because it is between the tropic of cancer and the tropic of Capricorn, also because most of the world’s rainforest are located among the equator.

The Amazon rainforest trees are built up of layers. Each layer has different jobs to do, meaning the top layer would make all the food it needs, whereas the second layer stops the sunlight from reaching to the next for vegetation. The layers of the Amazon rainforest differ in many different ways, naming a few: they receive different amount of light, different amount of temperature, and also different measurements of rain.

Here are the four different layers of a rainforest. Starting with the tallest, the Emergent- towering up to 200 feet above the forest floor with trunks that measure up to 16 feet around. Most of the rainforests animals are found on this layer, some of them are, monkeys, birds, bats and butterflies.

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The next layer is the Canopy layer; this layer forms a roof over the remaining two layers. It also produces buttress roots to support it from collapsing. Many animals live here such as the tree frogs, snakes and the toucans.

The third layer is the Under Canopy (under layer). Little sunlight reaches this layer; this is because the plants have to grow larger leaves to reach the sunlight. These leaves grow up to 12 feet wide. There are various types of animals that live here including the jaguars, red-eyed tree frogs and leopards. Also there is a high concentration of ...

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