What are the benefits and disadvantages of tourism?

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Tonbridge Geography Essay Industry is the backbone of everything that happens in our world today. It is the defining factor between wealth and poverty. A country simply could not exist without industry, for it would have no means to create wealth. There are all many different types of industry, ranging from farming (primary sector of industry) to selling computers (tertiary sector of industry). Tourism has become the world’s fastest-growing industry. It forms a large part of the economies of most developed countries and is seen by many developing countries as the one possible way to obtain income, create jobs and to improve their standard of living. It has grown rapidly in the last 50 years, mostly due to the easier movement of people around the world – by plane or by train. This meant that people for the first time could visit places abroad for more affordable costs, which then meant that those countries’ economies benefitted from tourism for the first time. The West Indies have become a prized holiday location, visited by people all
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over the globe. Their hot winters (25°C) and summers (28°C), attractive scenery and varied wildlife mean that it has established a reputation of being one of the nicest places to visit in the world. There are many advantages of this type of industry. It created an income greater than that which would have been created by exporting the few raw materials naturally found. Also it creates enormous amounts of jobs – whether in hotels or restaurants, or making souvenirs for tourists to buy. Also tourism can jumpstart development in the area. Transport links are developed and amenities are created which ...

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