What caused the Indian Ocean Tsunami to be so devastating?

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“What caused the Indian Ocean Tsunami to be so devastating?” On 26th of December 2004, a great earthquake caused a tsunami which became a cause of 230,000 deaths, 125,000 injuries and 1,690,000 homeless people. This was one of the biggest disasters of the decade. The tsunami caused problems in all areas including social, economic, political and environmental.  The social causes which made this tsunami a complete disaster were the naivety of people by ignoring warnings and staying close to the coast and beaches. Also the wealth of people meant this tsunami
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was devastating. In India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand; 40% of their population is below the poverty line. This again meant lack of awareness and protection. Also they did not have money to recover or have insurance due to being poor. This meant lots of people were permanently homeless and this led to economic problems. Economic causes were that the governments were in debt already and the damage meant they could not recover quickly so it became a long term effect. Some of the political causes were trade and aid. The aid was very slow from the governments and ...

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