Analysis of One Individual's Health and Wellbeing

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Health and Social Care Unit 3 Coursework

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Task 1:


Health and well-being is the condition of a person’s body and mind and also having a good health and with happiness and feeling comfort. “Health” comes from an old English word meaning wholeness, and the term includes physical, intellectual, emotional and social wellbeing. Health and wellbeing and should mean that a person feels positively well and not just free of illness or disease. Positive mental health and wellbeing is essential for good health.

Definition of health and well-being:

Health: Health is the balance between your physical, mental and social well-beings: the condition of a person’s body or mind.

Well-Being:  state of being well, happy and prosperous; health or happiness. A context and situation dependant state, comprising basic material for a good life;  freedom and choice, health and bodily well-being, good social relations, security, peace of mind, and spiritual experience. Well-being also refers to a person’s sense of positive feeling about their life situation and health, both physical and mental.

There are 3 ways of describing health: Positive, Negative and Holistic Definition of health and well-being

Negative Definition: “The absence of physical illness, disease and mental distress.”  Many people think about health only when they are thinking about illness or health problems. This means that they might give a negative definition of health, such as “not being ill” or “being free of pain.” This is also the medical definition of health.

Positive definition:  “the achievement and maintenance of physical fitness and mental stability.” Some people may think more positively of health as fitness and well-being. They may associate health with moods and feelings, and a sense of balance.

Holistic Definition: Health and well-being are result of a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors.” 1) Health and Social care for GCSE 

World Health Organization's (WHO's) definition of "health":

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."  2) Christian Nordqvist. (2011)

My own view towards health and well-being:

Health and well-being is when a person is mentally happy and physically fit. To be healthy and well-being you need to have a balanced diet, do enough exercise and have supportive family and friend who care for you and love you.


  1. What is your name? Francine Marie Dixon
  2. How old are you? 23
  3. What gender are you? Female
  4. Do you have a family? Yes
  5. If yes, do you live with any and who? Yes, I live with my son
  6. Do you keep in touch with your family other than those you live with? No
  7. A) If yes, how often?  n/a

b) If no why don’t you keep in touch? Because of family problems that were caused when I ran away with my boyfriend, away from my family

  1. What is your marital status? Single
  2. Why are you at this state? Because me and my boyfriend didn’t get along very well, so we decided to not live together
  3. Do you have a pet? No
  4. If yes, what is it and how long have you had it for? n/a
  5.  Do you have friends? Yes
  6. Are they really supportive? Yes, they help me in all difficulties.
  7. What is your education?  A few GCSEs excluding maths and English which makes it hard for me to look for another job.
  8. What job do you have? Waitress
  9. How many hours do you work per week? 49 hours
  10. Do you enjoy your work? Sometimes
  11. Is your work stressful? Yes, especially when there are lots of customers at once.
  12. Do you get along very well with your colleagues? Yes
  13. How much do you get paid at your work? It is dependant on how well the business is going, but its mostly around £400
  14. Do you think it is a reasonable amount, which is sufficient? It depends, because sometimes, when the café is running low, then my wages go down, which makes everything such as renting and my son’s needs very hard.
  15. Do you have financial problems at the moment? Yes, sometimes I find it really hard to pay ma rent for the flat.
  16. Do you know what IQ means? Yes, it means intelligence quotient
  17. If yes, do you know your IQ? No
  18. How often do you read a book? Never
  19. What do you think health is? (Express in your own words) I think that health is being happy and having no signs of illness or disease. It’s also being fit.
  20. Do you consider yourself as healthy (please explain why)? No, because I don’t exercise regularly and I am always stressed with my work and son.
  21. According to you, what does wellbeing mean? Wellbeing means being happy.
  22. Do you have a good wellbeing (please explain why)? No, because I am mostly stressed and also I don’t have contact with my family, which makes my life sad.
  23. Do you have any health problems? (E.g. Asthma, diabetes, cancer) Yes
  24. If so, what problem? Asthma
  25. Is it an inherited problem? Yes, it runs through the family.
  26. How often do you go to the doctor for this cause? I go at least once every 3 weeks.
  27. What is your height? 5 foot 4 inches/ 1.65 metres
  28. What is your weight?  11.81 stones/165.35lbs/ 75kg
  29. Do you know your BMI? Yes
  30. If yes, what category is it in? 28.4, which puts me in the over-weight section 
  31. How often do you check your blood pressure? At least once a month
  32. Do you know your blood pressure at the moment?
  33. What do you think a balanced diet is? I personally think that a balanced diet is eating all the food recommended in the right amount.
  34. Do you think you have a balanced diet (please explain why)? No, because I do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, and also I mostly eat junk food.
  35. If yes/ no what do you eat most of the time? Junk food.
  36. What does 5-a -day mean to you? 5-a-day means having 5 proportions of fruit and vegetables.
  37. Do you eat your 5-a-day/ how many portion of fruit and vegetables do you have each day? No
  38. Do you exercise? Sometimes
  39. If yes, how often do you exercise and what type of exercise do you do? Twice a week, I clean the house, and sometimes when I miss the bus I have to walk to my workplace.
  40. Do you enjoy exercising? No, I find it tiring.
  41. On average, how long do you spend exercising per week? 20 minutes 
  42. Do you sleep well? Not really
  43. On average, how well do you sleep? Around 5 hours
  44. Do you smoke? Yes
  45. If yes, how many cigarettes do you take per day? At least 7 a day
  46. Do you drink? Yes
  47. If yes, how many pints of alcohol do you drink? At least 7 pints a day
  48. On average how much do you spend each week on smoking and drinking?
  49. Where do you live? In a flat in Croydon
  50. Is it a good environment? Yes. Personally I think it is alright

Client Profile:

My client is going to be about a single parent called Francine.  

Francine is 23 years old who lives with her one child Jaymin who is five years old. After her GCSEs, she had a part time job at a café which now is her fulltime job. Francine has no support from her parents or her husband; she lives in flat of one bedroom with her child John, and the area she lives in is a good environment which is makes it suitable for Jaymin and Francine herself.

Her weight is 75kg and her height is 1.65m which places her BMI in the overweight category. She also has asthma, and it was inherited from her mother.

Her hobbies are watching TV, talking to her friends on the phone, going out to the pub with them, spending time with her son Jaymin, going shopping, reading books, cooking and cleaning the house. When she has a spare time she takes her son to the park and plays with him. However, it is very rare; she and Jaymin spend most of their time at home.

When she goes to work, she drops Jaymin of to school, and picks him back up on time. However, when she is late, she tells her neighbour to pick him up, as she is a good friend of her. She leaves her son there because she trusts her next door neighbour, and she knows that since the neighbour has kids at the same age, they will be playing, and at the same time there will always be an adult at that house. For that reason, she doesn’t have to worry too much Jaymin if she has to stay back for more work, but she calls at least every 1 hour time to make sure that everything is alright.

Francine has made many friends over her life, and she still interacts very well with them, but the only problem is that she doesn’t have any contact with her family, as they are always against anything she does. This is due to a few family problems that occurred a few years ago, when Francine decided to leave her family to live with her boyfriend without her family’s permission. Somehow, now she doesn’t live with him for some other problems. Even after she broke up with her boyfriend, her family still don’t accept her, so therefore she doesn’t get support from them. She has a younger sister, who is now attending a good university, but Francine doesn’t have proper contact with her either.

Francine tries to concentrate just about her life and her child Jaymin, who is the whole life for her; but whenever she thinks about the past she gets upset. To try to forget this she drinks alcohol and whenever she gets really depressed, she drinks a lot.

Francine is a smoker as she got influenced by one of her friends in her teenage hood and is now addicted to it herself; she smokes about a whole packet of cigarette per day. Sometimes she gets so tempted that she uses the money she saves up to buy cigarettes and alcoholic drinks.  

Smoking and drinking alcohol can affect Francine’s health in many ways; it can cause some serious problem to her health. She really should stop smoking and drinking if she wants to be healthy. It will also save her a lot of money, as spends s lot of money on drinks and cigarettes, but she says that she doesn’t think that smoking can affect her health badly.

Francine also eats a lot of junk food, such as: chips, burger, pizza, crisps, fizzy drinks, chocolate, sweets etc. She even goes to McDonalds regularly to have her lunch there. However, she does know that eating too much junk food is bad for her health, but she just can’t help it and she says she gets tempted a lot.

Francine doesn’t do any type of exercise, the most she does is cleaning the house.  She could walk to her work, but she is too lazy to do so. She doesn’t own a car due to financial problems, but she takes the bus wherever she goes, even if it’s a shop nearby, as she can’t be bothered, even though if she did walk, it will be very good for her health.

At night time she doesn’t sleep well as her son Jaymin always wakes her up in the night. This makes it hard for her to work and she gets tired during the day. She works from 9a.m to 5p.m from Monday to Friday, and Sunday she gets a day off. Sometimes at work there are too many costumers, which make her stressful. On the other hand, most of the time, there aren’t any costumers, which makes her unoccupied. However, she really likes her job, as she meets a lot of new people there.

She does go regular health check up for herself as she has asthma, and Jaymin, as she really cares for his health. She buses the health monitoring to its full extent. She goes to a lot screening tests to make sure that she is healthy. Another positive factor in her life is the fact that she has lots of supportive friends who help her in all difficulties. This ensures that she isn’t at risk from social isolation. Since she lives with Jaymin, she makes sure that she is hygienic, so that her personal hygiene doesn’t affect Jaymin.

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To maintain a healthy lifestyle, Francine needs to have a balanced diet, and she needs to exercise often. She also has to stop the habit of drinking and smoking. She should also rest, sleep etc….

My coursework is based on Francine’s health and wellbeing. By this, Francine will know and will get and understanding of her health risks and what is concerned to improve her health, and actions she has to take, such as, stop smoking, stop drinking, exercising which gain a much better results as possible to reduce any disease and to be healthy.  I will look at all ...

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