Anti-Discrimination Legislation

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In hospitals and your local GP people come in each day with health problems asking how the doctors or nurses can help them. With this, the government needs to find a way to protect the workers and patients from any discrimination being made towards them. This is why the government ha made something called legislation where as no one is allowed to discriminate anyone based on the genre, sex, race or disability. There are different types of legislations made based on the different types of discrimination they are. The two legislations that mare made are:

  • The sex discrimination Act 1975: This legislation means that no one, no care worker doctor or nurse is allowed to discriminate anyone based on their gender even if they are female or male no one is to discriminate anyone inside or outside the health and social café industry.
  • The race relations NI order 1997/Act 2005: This Is another legislation which means that no person is allowed to discriminate a person based on their skin colour. This is a very common discrimination as people are judging others based on their skin colour and this is why there is a legislation being made against this.
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This does often happen in the health and social care industry so here are a few examples to explain the legislations in a bit more detail.

  • For example: The sex discrimination Act 1975: A nurse is giving medication to a patient, but the patient is refusing the medication from the nurse. By now the nurse is getting annoyed with the patient and is now asking why the patient is refusing the medication and the patient replies by saying ‘I do not respect women as I believe men are the stronger sex and women should be our slaves’ by now ...

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