Care Values Bases in Care Settings

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Task 6

What is the care value base?

  • Guidelines and codes of practice followed by care workers to empower service users.

  • Empower means giving someone the ability to do something him or herself.

How do the care workers empower service users? 

  • By following the care value base.

Components of the care value base?

  • Promoting anti discriminatory practice

  • Maintaining confidentiality

  • Promoting and supporting individual rights to dignity, impendence, health and safety.

  • Protecting individuals from abuse

  • Promoting effective communication and relationships

  • Promoting individuated care

  • Acknowledging individuals’ personal beliefs and identities


Care workers need to make sure none is discriminated e.g. colour, race, gender, religion and culture

Not taking someone personal dignity away e.g. a old person wetting themselves in the sitting room in front of everyone and you change them in front of everyone.

Not taking someone personal impendency away e.g. not allowing them to do anything themselves like getting dressed themselves

Effective communication with all clients


1) Promoting anti-discriminatory practice:

  • Freedom from discrimination
  • The right to be different
  •     Awareness of assumptions made surrounding gender,                                                       race, age, sexuality, disability, and class.
  • Understand prejudice, stereotyping, and labelling and their                    effects.
  • Use of language (political correctness)

Because everyone different people have different views of different and see the world in different ways.

The difference between people is called diversity.

Discrimination means treating people or groups of people differently in comparison to other people or groups of people.

Unfair discrimination is when people or a group of people are treated unfair or unequally in comparison with other people or groups of people.

When someone is discriminate unfairly against someone else we say they are prejudiced against that person or group of people.

Prejudice means being bias or preconceived opinion against a person or a group of people.

There are different ways in which people can be discriminated:

  • Age People may think because of your age group they assume something about their ability to do something  
  • Gender e.g. people may think that because you are boy you cant do something and girls can
  • Race Assumptions about racial or national characteristics lead to discrimination
  • Class People differ people because of their upbringing, the kind of work they do and how much money they may earn and because of they lifestyles
  • Religion People grow up in different religious traditions and there for people may look to people in a racist way(e.g because someone may be a white person so someone  assume that they are Christian)
  • Sexual orientation People consider their sexual orientation as very important to understanding who they are. People may look to people different because they are gay or a lesbian
  • Ability People that have physical disabilities or learning disabilities may be labelled as not normal or some people may discriminated about their abilities  
  • Health People may develop an illness or mental health problems people may treat them differently from others and may feel that they are discriminated.
  • Relationship People may be discriminated because other people may think and believe in different ways of lifestyles and weather having a boyfriend or not a husband or not or weather being sexually active.
  • Presentation and dress people may be discriminated because of the way they dress, do they hair, make-up, and jewellery.
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If someone is rude, hostile, or offensive to someone because that person is different, it is known as direct discrimination.

e.g.: Group of people shouting at someone because of what they wear.

Indirect discrimination is harder to prove because it is usually shown in people’s attitudes to one another.

e.g.: an elderly person goes in to a shop to buy something and the shop keeper assumes that because the person is old they can’t see and hear properly.

Positive discrimination is when a decision is made to pick someone for something because that person belongs to a certain group of ...

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