Child development visit 2

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Visit 2..

Name; Annabelle  

Age; 2 Years 10 Months

Date of visit; 21st September 2008

Time of visit; 1:00 ‘til 2:15

Place; Annabelle’s house

People present; Annabelle’s Mum Jen, Herself and Me


Aims and planning;

In this visit I aim to watch Annabelle manipulating play-dough using gross and fine motor skills. Also, I hope to see her make recognisable shapes with it. Another thing I hope to see during this visit is her commenting on what the shapes and colours of the play-dough are.

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I expect that Annabelle will be able to make shapes with the cut-out equipment, and name all of them and the colours of the play-dough- Because, as stated in the Brennand and Hall book, someone Annabelle’s age should be able to do this. I also expect to see her get more comfortable with playing along side me in parallel play.

FAR Aims and Planning;

FAR Expectations;


When we got to Annabelle’s house she was already at the door to greet me. When she recognised me she started jumping around in excitement and shouting ‘Jodie, ...

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