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GCSE: Child Development

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  1. Cum ajungi la un portofoliu optim de branduri

    piata, dar brandul respectiv este marginalizat, nu o sa aiba niciodata succes si nu are rost sa-l introduca, iar o companie mare are nevoie, intr-adevar, de mai multe branduri pentru a acoperi fiecare segment de piata. Dar, chiar si asa, nu exista o reteta universala, care sa spuna ca e mai bine sa mergi pe mai multe branduri sau ca e mai bine sa mergi pe mai putine sau chiar un singur brand-umbrela. Punctul de pornire este competenta Astfel, in domeniul FMCG exista cazuri de companii care merg, cu succes, pe mai multe branduri pentru fiecare piata pe care sunt prezente - cum fac Unilever si P&G care au, fiecare, cate trei branduri pe piata detergentilor de rufe.

    • Word count: 5225
  2. "Children are no strangers to grief. Even infants and toddlers react to loss. When younger children are shielded from death, silence does not take away their pain; it only increases the sense of isolation and abandonment. As adults we need to understan

    Adults who are scared of this topic will try to avoid talking to their children about it. The avoidance from parents will only silence the child from the pain that they feel and will not allow the child an opportunity to successfully grieve for their loss. Parents who are willing to talk to their children openly and honestly about what has happened open the door for the child to join the family in the grieving process. Open communication allows the child to ask unanswered questions and slowly begin the grieving and healing process along with the support of the family members.

    • Word count: 3562
  3. Family Support Resource

    Parenting Courses and Young Parents Groups. A tailored package of support is available to the Service User. The Initial Assessment Team Social Worker made a request for Family Support work to help Tommy (names have been changed) and his family, under Section 17 CA1989, which states that a child shall be considered to be a Child in Need if: a) He is unlikely to achieve or maintain, or to have the opportunity of achieving or maintaining a reasonable standard of health and development without the provision for him of such services by the local authority b)

    • Word count: 6812
  4. Basic Normal Stages of Child Development

    The child should now be able to recognise and depict a known care giver from a stranger. Is beginning to expect feeding dressing and bathing. 7 to 9 months: The child now has gained the basic control of his trunk and hands, Can sit without support and is comfortable crawling about An emotional bond develops between the child and parent, the child may protest separation from parent The child enjoys attention and enjoys playing simple games such as "peek-a-boo" 10 to 12 months: The child develops an ability to control both legs and feet and can now develop a pincer grip.

    • Word count: 4113
  5. Genetics - Designer Babies

    likely to carry the genetic disease are removed and the healthy ones are used.1 It is believed by many scientists that in the future of designer babies they will even modifying the cosmetic features of babies. Some of the physical features that can be changed in the future are the hair color and type, eye color and height. Some believe that it will even be possible to modify babies' intelligence, personality, athleticism and beauty. An article in http://www.bionetonline.org/English/Content/db_cont4.htm goes as follows: "In April 2001 the first genetically modified monkey was born - he was called Andi (representing 'Inserted DNA' backwards).

    • Word count: 3046
  6. English Literature Exam Essays

    Lady Catherine De Bourgh epitomizes the patriarchal society. De Bourgh, "a sharply realized embodiment of a stock comic figure," is a condescending upper-class snob who judges everyone based on manners and decorum. Lady Catherine's philosophy concerning young women is adopted from More's view: "An early habitual restraint is peculiarly important to the future character and happiness of women. A judicious unrelaxing but steady and gentle curb on their tempers and passions can alone ensure their peace and establish their principles...

    • Word count: 10804
  7. Communicational skills in a health and social care setting

    As the head part of the health and social care group the medical profession has to provide top class effective communication so that correct diagnosis of patient problems. Ineffective communication can lead to incorrect diagnosis. Research shows that only 18 seconds are usually given to a patient to present the stories of there problems before they interrupt and in addition only 2% of patients are given the opportunity to complete there story. Now if this is what it is like in a direct medical setting what is communication going to be like lower down, like a residential home for example.

    • Word count: 4785
  8. Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision

    The Needs of the People using the Services The clients of this service are of all age groups. I interviewed two clients of Northlands surgery, Calne. Client one was an elderly woman, aged 72 living alone and regularly visiting the surgery. Her answers are written in italics. Client two was a young man, aged 32 living with a partner and visiting the surgery about once every three months, just for a small problems. His answers are written in bold. Questionnaire 1. How do you normally get to the surgery, e.g. walk, bus, car and how easy is it to access?

    • Word count: 4444

    Further tests showed the tumour to be malignant, i.e. cancerous. Mr G was duly diagnosed with Prostate cancer. This diagnosis has left him feeling rather hopeless with considerable psychological and emotional trauma, especially after being told there was no preventive or reversible cause of action. He was assured that there were modern drugs that could control it very adequately; therefore the outlook for the future was not desperate. Mr G also seems to be having difficulty with his eye sight, experiencing pain and blurring of his vision. A visit to the GP revealed that he was suffering from acute glaucoma.

    • Word count: 3089

    naturally in order to use the body's glucose efficiently. This form is more common in the under 40 age group (www.diabetes.org.uk) therefore more children are likely to experience the disorder. It is treated by insulin injections and a healthy diet, with regular exercise also recommended (www.diabetes.org.uk). Type 2 diabetes is when the body can still produce insulin, but not enough, or when that produced does not work properly (known as insulin resistance) (www.diabetes.org.uk). Often appearing in the over 40's it is treated by diet and exercise or by a combination of exercise, tablets, diet or exercise and insulin injections (www.diabetes.org.uk).

    • Word count: 4296
  11. Compare how the writers of 'A Stench of Kerosene' and 'Veronica' have used cultural backgrounds to help shape their writing and what the two stories have in common.

    As Guleri was a woman and she never had a child, boy or girl, Manak's mother thought this terrible. Guleri's actions displeased her greatly and she 'had made a secret resolve that she would not let [Guleri go childless] beyond the eighth year' of Manak and Guleri's marriage. By burning her self (because Manak's mum made Manak marry again) Guleri was following what could have once been law in her village. Wives who didn't bear children or who only bore girls were burned, this is what Guleri did to herself.

    • Word count: 3765
  12. The main aim of this paper is to compare and contrast parental rights and obligations towards their children at customary law and statutory law in Malawi.

    On the other hand, the Employment of Women and Children Act 5 defines a child as any person below the age of twelve. On the international plane the United Nations Convention on The Rights Of The Child, 19896 which Malawi ratified in 1992 defines a child as a person under eighteen years. However, since the Constitution7 provides that the Constitution is the supreme law in this country and as such all other statutes and laws are subject to it, the constitutional definitions of the child in Malawi.

    • Word count: 9686
  13. The Emotionally Intelligent Team

    The expressive/motor component houses the ability to express emotion through facial expressions, body posture, and vocal tone. The experiential element is where one experiences feeling. It is the result of awareness of cues from the central nervous system, feedback from one's facial expression and one's own interpretation of what is occurring around him/her. The regulatory component deals with reacting to the experienced emotion. Joy, for example, raises one's activity level while sadness lowers it. People react very differently to the same emotion because of differences in their regulatory component.

    • Word count: 5170
  14. Examining the advantages of creative activities to the client.

    Cooking can be either done on its own, a group or even in teams. Crafts: People mostly think that when you talk about clients doing some sort of crafts they imagine old people doing it on their own. But this isn't the case anyone is able to do cross stitching whatever age they are. This activity is mostly done on its own, but can be done in groups or in teams. Benefits: The activities are able to help children both physically and mentally, to improve cognitive skills, relieve stress, improve children's imagination and help them to increase they self esteem.

    • Word count: 7178
  15. To what extent can it be said that play is a social, cognitive and creative process?

    He said there were six categories where children playing within a group engaged in social interaction. These include unoccupied play, where the child appears not to be playing at all. Solitary play, where the child is absorbed in their own activity and learning to explore shape texture e.t.c. Another aspect of solitary play is that another child is merely another object. For example, in my observations of the "fairy tale corner" one particular child appeared to be absorbed in their own activity, rather than joining in the role-play with the rest of the children. If someone approached this particular child they acted as if they didn't exist and carried on with their individual play (Appendix 2).

    • Word count: 4390
  16. Active Listening and Assertion Skills.

    I knew something had to be done. It was about a week after we had discussed assertion skills and I found myself trying to figure out the exact statements I would make to her. I knew what the situation was: my roommate was a slob. I knew what I was feeling: pain, outrage, frustration, and overall disgust. Most of all I knew what I wanted: elimination of the pile! It took me another whole day to get up the courage but finally during the post-dinner homework session I approached her.

    • Word count: 3278
  17. Evaluate a chosen perspective relating to child development. Compare this perspective with others and apply them to a chosen childhood setting.

    He is known for his 'Hierarchy of Needs'. Firstly physiological which are basic needs such as food. Secondly safety, thirdly a sense of belonging and love. Fourthly self-esteem, fifth are cognitive needs and finally the innate biological drive to become self-actualised. This is where a person is problem centred and has an appreciation of life. He states that children can only begin to develop and become self-actualised if basic needs are met. He stated: 'The desire to become more and more what one is, to become everything that one is capable of becoming'.

    • Word count: 3271
  18. Compare the use of fantasy in 'The Poor Relation's Story' and 'Superman and Paula Brown's New Snowsuit'.

    So what is fantasy? From the two stories fantasy can be said to be something good; something that makes someone feel positive and high spirited which affects both children and adults. Reality is the converse, so does this mean fantasy is not real, not true, non existent? Personally, I believe that fantasy can be positive, up lifting and not true, as shown in the two short stories, or indeed something negative, terrible and very much true e.g. people can fantasize about death, be it their own death or a close friend or relative's; this is obviously a terrible kind of fantasy.

    • Word count: 5619
  19. How helpful is Wimpole Hall as a source in helping us understand the religious and social attitudes of the rich and poor during the 18th and 19th Century?

    It is trying to recreate what they think the house would have looked like. So the impression that you perceive when you look round Wimpole Hall may not in fact be the true one. Also the house may have been changed hugely throughout the years due to different owners tastes, Changes in fashion and the necessities and needs of the owners. The Chapel inside the house would lead you to believe that the owners were very religious. The chapel is richly decorated in a very ornate style known as 'trompe l'oeil' using a variety of religious images such as the Adoration of the Magi, and the Nativity scene.

    • Word count: 3542
  20. Today I'm going to observe Lauren's skills in the park yet again, because I'm going to se how and whether they have changed over the past four months.

    When Lauren went through the park gates she just ran towards the roundabout and jumped on it with few other children, and one of the children's parents was turning it so it give me a chance to observe the park and get a few notes down for my FAR research. Once Lauren got off the roundabout she went to the pay frame, which consist of a slide, fireman's pool, climbing room, stairs, fake wall, monkey balls, tunnel and bridge. She climbed up the steps at first and slide down the slide.

    • Word count: 4064
  21. Drama - Responding and Developing.

    The two kids are standing chatting, and looking like they don't want to be there. At the furthest away from the church are the McLains, the soldier family, who stand outcast from everyone else. Task Two: Miss Oates placed a selection of objects on a sack in the middle of the tight circle formed by the class. The objects were a doll, partially complete, a strange pot with various herbs inside and a silver goblet, with a red stain at the bottom. We started by looking at each individual object and trying to work out what they were, or could be used for.

    • Word count: 3178
  22. People with learning disabilities experience loss and bereavement - Analyse how services might support people in these circumstances.

    Reforming educationalists later succeeded in passing laws that encouraged the building of schools for 'feeble minded' children. However general opinion was that people with learning disabilities were inferior and should be segregated. This philosophy affected huge numbers of people admitted to institutions up until the late 1980s (Mencap, 2002). Public concern due to increased media attention surrounding poor conditions in 'mental handicap' hospitals led to a 1971 government White Paper, 'Better services for the Mentally Handicapped'. This laid the foundations for 'care in the community'. Despite government intentions, services continued to be poor. Research into hospitals and other newer forms of residential care published in 1978 identified many failings; under-staffing, inadequate resources, poor standards of hygiene, lack of specialist services and extreme social isolation (Mencap, 2002).

    • Word count: 3155
  23. Good Practice Within the Legislative Framework.

    Since the 1960s efforts to ensure that abused children are identified have increased greatly in the United Kingdom. From 1962 to 1967 all counties "enacted laws that required professionals in law enforcement, medicine, education, and other fields to report suspected cases of child abuse." (Microsoft: Encarta Encyclopedia 1999). As a result, the number of children reported as abused or neglected has increased substantially, from about 700,000 in 1976 to about 2.9 million in 1995. The child protection act is a legislation, which was put in place to protect child from harm. So far in society it has worked well to protect children from many forms of violence but it has been discussed that there are many inadequacies and that it is in need of reform.

    • Word count: 3783
  24. Impact of Ill Health on Families and Children.

    At homes, a bed can be made up in the sitting room if necessary, because it can be isolating for the child being in their bedroom and they are not too far way from the parent or carer. The child is less likely also to become bored if a bed is made on the sofa but if they are near other members of the family it is easier for the parents and easier to keep the child amused. When a child is being cared in the home it is important for the parent to care for the child's physical, social, emotional needs, but the child also needs to be stimulated intellectually, so that the child doesn't become to bored.

    • Word count: 3190
  25. Children, Parents and the State.

    Rights are important and have been called 'valuable commodities'3, important moral coinage. In Bandman's4 words, they 'enable us to stand with dignity, if necessary, to demand what is our due without having to grovel, plead or beg'. The international community has framed its much-lauded convention, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child especially article 125 and 136, which incorporated obligation to listen to children and take their views seriously, to recognise the child's personality and autonomy, England has its Gillick7 decision and Children Act 1989, which was characterised by the Lord Chancellor at the time as 'the most comprehensive and far-reaching reform of child law which has come before the

    • Word count: 3310

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