Date of Visit: 16th October 2006

Length of Visit: 2 hours and 40 minutes

Place: Park

People Present: Sam, Me

Aim of Visit-Plan

Today I am going to take Sam to the park, which is only about a 10 minute walk from her house. By doing this I should hopefully very easily be able to observe her gross motor skills as there will be a lot of apparatus there for her to play on that will enable her to use the large muscles in her body e.g-climbing frame etc. Whilst at the park I have also planned to play ‘Simon says’ with her by playing this game I will be able to observe some of her intellectual skills by seeing how she responds to instructions.

Join now!


When Sam found out that we were going to the park she got really excited.

As soon as we got there she immediately ran over to the swings and she needed me to start her off on the swing by pushing her once and then she used her legs to make her keep moving. After about two or three minutes she wanted to get off the swing and she asked me to get her off because the swing was a little bit high as her feet didn’t touch the floor when she sat on it. She ...

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This was an easy-to-follow child study. The writer states clearly what the aims of the observation were and why s/he felt the intended aims had been witnessed. Remember to support subjective statements with evidence ? what made you think Sam enjoyed something? The writing style was good overall. There was one generalisation at the end which is not in keeping with H&SC values of being non-judgemental and engaging in anti-oppressive practice. These values should be borne in mind when writing H&SC essays. 4/5