Creative Play

Detailed Activity Plan

Activity: Hand Printing

Number of Children: 1 at a time

Age Range: 3 & 4 years of age

Setting: Craft Corner

Preparation time: 10 Minutes

Activity Time:10 Minutes Approx


* 4 Paint Pots & Ready Mixed Paint - red, yellow, green & brown

* A4 Sugar Paper - Yellow & Brown

* Aprons

* Newspaper for covering table

* Large Brush

* Damp Cloth to wipe hands

* Paint Dryer

* Table & Chairs

Reason for Activity

* To encourage communication

* To explore colour, shape and texture of the paint

* To learn how to make a print


Early Learning Goals

Knowledge & Understanding of the World

* Discover Printing

* Explore materials by using their senses e.g. paint feeling wet & sticky on their hands

* To show curiosity and interest

Physical Development

* Develop co-ordination and control by placing hand onto paper

* To develop fine manipulative skills through brush painting

* Handle tools and paints safely


* Exploring, recognising and creating patterns

* Counting and choosing colours

* Comparing the sizes of the hand prints when cut out

Communication Language & Literacy

* Talk about the feel of the paint on their hands

* Learn new words

* Express and communicate their thoughts

* A great opportunity to interact with the child and build a relationship

Creative Development

* Explore the feel, colour and texture of the paint

* Using paint in a new way

* Respond in ways to what they see and feel e.g. hand being printed

* Show interest in what they have done

* Develop creative skills

Personal, Social & Emotional Development

* Learn to concentrate on an activity

* Gain confidence in their own achievements

* Respond to the activity through feelings and words

Word Count 290

Reason for the Activity

The reason I choose the activity was to show the children how to use paint in a different way, and how to make a handprint, as well as exploring colour and shape. The children will also learn new words about the feel and texture of the paint, e.g. gooey, sticky and messy. I hope it will also encourage the children's communication by discussing the activity and by sharing their experiences about what they may like or not like about it.
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I choose a Creative Activity because as stated by (Beith, Robinson and Pullan, 2003, pg. 81) 'Creative play is a very important way of encouraging children to experiment and explore the world around them'.

Planning & Preparation for the Activity

Before the activity was implemented a newsletter was sent out to all parents explaining that we were going to be covering a topic about the Autumn Season and what would be involved. If the parents had any problems they were very welcome to come into the nursery to discuss these before their child took part in ...

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