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Extracts from this document...


John Lewis has a number of aims and objectives that they try and meet in order to completely satisfy all its customers. What are the aims of John Lewis? * 1) We set out to meet all our customers' needs for fashion and household goods from the cradle onwards. This involves members of staff from the research departments conducting both secondary and primary research on the companies external customers to ensure that the goods that John Lewis are selling meet the needs and wants of the customers. * 2) Our objective is to offer customers a wide choice of products, while guaranteeing high standards of quality and competitive prices. John Lewis has become such a major player in the retail market that they have built up an impressive relationship with top manufactures such as Sony, Bosch, Nike and Lanc�me. This has given us huge buying power and we can get many different high quality goods at low prices, which can be passed on to our customers. * 3) We aim to provide excellent service and all our Partners in the shops have thorough training. Extensive training schemes are a feature of life at John Lewis. Partners are trained in fields such as selling skills, product knowledge, health and safety, customer services and systems training. By undergoing this training partners become equipped to deal with many aspects of the job. * 4) Each branch has an extensive free delivery area. The partnership owns a vast number of delivery vans and lorries and can offer a delivery to a wide free delivery area. The table below shows the free delivery area for our store. If a postcode doesn't come under our delivery schedule, goods can usually be delivered via another nearer branch. So how does John Lewis use customer services to meet these aims? Aim 1) Part of customer services involves asking the customer what it is that they want and listening to feedback from customers. ...read more.


The assessment of face-to-face communication was carried out on two full time employees in the department. My colleague who had just joined the Partnership and wouldn't be recognised by the staff in the Large Electrical Department carried it out. The performance was quite pleasing as both employees scored highly on most of the areas that were assessed. It was surprising that the time of day that the two assessments were carried out didn't have an affect on how the Partners performed. One was carried out at 10:30 in the morning and the other at 15:45 in the afternoon. Both Partners were well presented in line with the Partnership Business Dress Code, a copy of which can be found in appendix 3 at the end of this report. They looked ready to deal with any situation that may arise upon serving my colleague. The reason that one scored slightly higher was because the lower scoring employees Partnership badge looked like it had seen better days. Jane's approach was extremely friendly with a big smile and she started by asking how the customer was before proceeding with the sale. This was extremely pleasing where as Raj seemed to approach like a hawk, which could be a bit irritating for a customer, however he scored highly as it wasn't otherwise disappointing. They were both very confident as they have been with the partnership for many years and know what's what. This means they come across to the customer having confidence as they are used to procedures in the department as well as what they are selling. Their posture was also good the only thing that let them down was that they used the fixtures in the department to lean upon. This isn't anything to worry about as it can be hard to stand upright for long periods of time. Jane's body language was very good creating a positive feeling through energetic movements whereas Raj's movements were more subdued. ...read more.


We should also hold customer evenings where we select a number of customers to come and talk about their experiences of John Lewis. These could influence changes that would benefit the customer, as we will be getting even better feedback on problems that may exist in the department not yet picked up on. These changes will go in the departments favour if introduced as well as benefiting our customers by raising the standard of customer services that is offered. We have made many interesting discoveries whilst looking into the level of customer services in the Large Electrical Department for the purposes of this report. I have picked up on a number of areas that need looking into, to change the way that they are done to improve the level of customer services offered. We hope that this report has highlighted to the reader that customer service isn't just a desk that you see in a shop but goes a lot deeper than that, involving almost everyone who works in the partnership. The Large Electrical Department is performing to a fairly high standard but as with anything in life there is room for improvement. This improvement will come through decisions made as a result of this report. We hope that the standard can be raised to bring in more profit and help in the battle with our competition, not only of the Large Electrical Department but also on a wider area such as competition with other department stores. It has been extremely interesting working closely with the Large Electrical department throughout the report, although they didn't always know it, for instance when the investigation into communication skills were done. It is hoped that the Large Electrical Department continue to perform well and that the work of the Customer Service team will help this to happen. APPENDIX 1 NEW PARTNER QUESTIONS APPENDIX 2 STAFF TRAINING MEMO APPENDIX 3 JOHN LEWIS DRESS CODE APPENDIX 4 NEVER KNOWINGLY UNDERSOLD APPENDIX 5 LARGE ELECTRICAL GUARANTEE ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Health and Social Care section.

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