Describe the Training and Qualification of Nursery Nurses

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Qualification of Nursery Nurses

Nursery workers, sometimes called nursery nurses, work with babies and young children from birth to five years in childcare settings. Nursery nurses make sure that the children under their care develop and learn in a safe and supportive environment. They must be committed to helping children thrive and get the best start in life. Need a warm and positive approach, lots of creative ideas and a willingness to work as part of a team.

Nursery nurses do not always need formal qualifications to start training as a nursery worker, although a good standard of general education, such as GCSEs, including English and maths, would be helpful. For all jobs, you will need to have background checks carried out by the Disclosure and Barring Service.

Nursery workers have to:        

  • Plan and supervise activities like arts and crafts, music and cooking
  • Help children to learn numeracy skills through activities like counting games
  • Read stories and provide activities to develop the children’s language skills
  • Take children on outings
  • Feed and change babies
  • Observe children and make notes for use in reports
  • Work to Early Years Foundation Stage standards on child learning
  • Make sure the children are safe and well at all times (safeguarding)
  • Report any concerns to your manager, such as signs of abuse.
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The duties may include acting as a key worker for one or more children, monitoring their progress and sharing information about their development with their parents and guardian. With experience, nursery nurses could also specialise in working with children with physical disabilities, learning difficulties or mental health issues.

Nursery nurses work with children from birth to approximately seven years of age. They work in a variety of settings, mainly in nurseries which are run by Local Authorities or privately owned, and in nursery, infant and specialist schools. Although nursery nurses work mainly with healthy children, it is possible to specialise, ...

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