Early Years Care Values

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Care Values

The care value base is a way of determining the care is given to patients. Nursery nurses care is governed by this set ethical standard. In further detail care value base is a moral code for health and social care workers. It has a set of guidelines and rules which are destined to ensure that caregivers treat patients the right way and also improve their lives. It is based on seven guiding principles.

The care value base is a set of rules and guidelines that every care specialist has to follow in order to provide services to their clients. The seven principles are; promoting anti-discriminatory practice, maintaining confidentiality of information, promoting and supporting individuals right to dignity, independence and safety, acknowledging people's personal beliefs and identities, protecting individuals from abuse, providing effective communication and relationships, and lastly providing individualised care. Overall, the major importance of the care value base for care givers is that it governs their practice so that they provide health care professionally, ethically, and without discrimination.

Confidentiality- this means keeping things isolated. It is important to keep things secluded, so that the children stay safe from hazard. Parental authorisation is needed to pass information on about the children to people outside the nursery. Nurseries should store the confidential information safely so it is secure from getting into an erroneous persons hands for example, nursery staff in Alperton should have locks on cupboards and passwords on computers. If a person came to the nursery asking for information about a certain child, the nursery staff should not give them any info and they should question the person about their identity and their connection with the child.

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Valuing diversity- this care value makes assured that all of the children are treated similarly and equally. It means that all chances are available to all of the children no matter what their differences are. A nursery nurse working in Alperton nursery will not be succeeding this care value if he or she is treating a child in a different way due to their religion or ethnic group. There is international evening, which is a day organised by nursery nurses for the children to embrace other people’s culture. Educating children about valuing diversity would be benefiting them in future ...

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