Evaluation Of How A Nursery Can Meet A Child's PIES

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I feel like I was successfully able to meet my objectives and aims with high standards. My aim was to investigate how Alperton nursery meets the PIES needs of children. How the nursery follow up on development, how the children performance and how the nursery can keep children safe from harm. I used a textbook to gather secondary research in order for me to have a clear understanding of my aim. I’ve accomplished my objectives by gathering information through primary research and secondary research.

I made an appointment and visited Alperton Nursery with a list of interview questions for the staff, parents and the enthusiastic children. I interviewed a wide range proportion of parents, staff and children in order to get a clear perspective from each individual. However, I came across an ethical issue which was to get informed consent from parents of the children attending the nursery in order for me to interview them. I would have to get informed consent from participants as part of the ethical research process. Informed consent is important in tackling ethical issues when conducting a research.

When I was interviewing Alperton Nursery staff, I decided that it would be better for me to interview the staff by myself rather than having somebody with me. This is because I felt that my viewpoints and judgement might be contrasted with somebody else’s, this would result in both of us not asking particular questions and having a limited data. I was only able to interview three nursery staff out of five due to the busy schedule. I did, however, get a wide range of views from the nursery nurses I asked, each of the nursery nurses were polite and helpful in answering the questions and patient in waiting for me whilst I wrote on the notebook. The interviews lasted between seven and ten minutes. This was an expedient times for the interviews to last because it gave me the chance to note down clearly the nursery nurses responses to my questions and I was able to collect useful information to evaluate.

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I could pick up key aspects of how the nursery nurses meet the children PIES needs. Alperton Nursery meets the children’s intellectual needs by ensuring the children have positive experiences of success at their own levels, in order to give them confidence and motivation for learning in the future. This is purely because children start to learn about the world around them from the moment they are born. The care and education offered by Alperton Nursery helps children to continue to do this by providing all of the children with interesting activities that are appropriate for their age and stage of ...

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