Explain barriers to effective communication within a health and social care environment

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Unit 1 communication                                                                                                                       Task 2                                                                                                                                                        

P2 Explain barriers to effective communication within a health and social care environment

Barriers to effective communication;

The communication cycle – If any part of the communication cycle is not played out properly like the message not being sent properly or if the message is not received correctly then this will then become a barrier to effective communication and in a place like a care home this will not help when it comes to dealing with difficult, complex and sensitive issues.  This can be overcome by making sure the communication cycle is used correctly stage by stage. 

Environment – Any issues with the environment around us when we communicate can be a barrier to effective communication.  Like if it is too noisy in a classroom while teaching, the student will not be able to hear the message or will be easily distracted.  It could even be that that the chairs are uncomfortable and it can affect one’s concentration.  Or it could be that a patient with sight impairments cannot see in the reception area because it is dimly lit.  This can be overcome by making sure the environment is suitable by reducing background noise, making sure the room is lit correctly, having lower reception desks for people who use wheelchairs and minimize distractions.

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Health issues – Having a health issue or issues can have an effect on the way we communicate e.g. when caring for someone who is suffering from schizophrenia, having difficulty thinking, suffering from delusions or hallucinations and feeling controlled this will affect the way in which you can communicate to them or the way in which they can communicate to you.  This isn’t easy to overcome but can become easier by having the correct understanding and being sympathetic to their needs.

Cultural differences – There are many different ways in which some cultures can affect communication like when ...

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Overall a very good attempt at this task. Various barriers to good communication are identified and appropriate examples are given in relation to H&SC settings. Just be mindful to use appropriate terminology throughout and check again for odd grammar errors.