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Fawkham Manor Hospital - technology used and health and safety

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Fawkham manor hospital The hospital Fawkham is a private hospital based in dartford, long-field. Its part of a BMI. Fawkham hospital also provide services, such as 24/7 sky plus t.v, five star quality hotel services,en suit bathroom, taxi services, pharmacy. surgery are quite expensive ranging from 1,100 to 7,000. Fawkham manor gets most of its funding from the patient and insurers and in some cases from foreign embassies. Funding most likely go to equipments staff’s pay and medical research. Fawkham and the community Fawkham manor plays a major part in the community. Its participated in events such as the big bounce 2011, which is where the staff in the hospital bounce simultaneously across the gym. The purpose of the event was to raise money for research into cures for spinal injuries and a health lifestyle. Another example of fawkham manor taking an active part in the community is when a select few Fawkham manor staff served cakes and coffees in an effort to raise money for cancer support. T he aim was to sale as many cakes and coffees as possible and to give all the money to the cancer support. They raised £314. Staff and qualification at Fawkham Physicians- will often diagnose patients based on the symptoms and data they receive from the patient. Like most doctors, physicians at Fawkham will have to be good at work under pressure and be able to deal with the emotional aspect of the job. Qualifications- Hopeful doctors need three A-levels in at least two of the sciences and Need to have at least a 3 years bachelors in maybe a subject like biochemistry or biomedical sciences, and then needs have completed full training at medical school. Though you can go straight to medical school. Becoming a physician is very competitive and would take around 11 years which includes the experience you need working in a hospital. ...read more.


Next the elect rons collide withe the atoms in the tungsten plate, with such a great deal of force, that it knocks the electrons out to space. An electron in a higher position/energy state, drop down to a lower state/position. The drop is huge, meaning the electron will emit n x-ray photon. The free electrons roaming about, also still emit x-ray photons by it being attracted to the nucleus of a atom. This attraction slows down the speeding electron, causing it to slightly change direction. This change of direction causes it to produce an x-ray photon. Below the tungsten plate, you have a motor which spins the tungsten plate to prevent it from melting.(due to the immense heat). X-ray machines also consist of a gel on the cathode, which absorbs heat generated by the process. Next you have a small hole which let?s some of the X-ray photons escape, these escaped photons then go through series of filters. Which will then eventually hit the patient. Special cameras on the other side of the patient captures and records the patterns of the x-ray photons that went straight through the patient. The film produced is usually a negative which will often show the bones looking white, while other areas such as tissues or organs, appear a grey in color. MRI machines MRIs are composed of different kind of magnets. For example you have the gradient magnet, the primary magnet and so. The principle behind the MRIs only work, because of the fact that our bodies are made of over 60% of water. Water is a compound which comprises of two part hydrogen and one part oxygen. These molecules consist of randomly spinning hydrogen atoms. These particles spin on their axis in random motion. In essence, these atoms have strong magnetic moments. This is taken advantage of as if you apply a strong magnetic field. You can align these atoms, in the direction of the magnetic field. ...read more.


Reason being that the staff often work around pretty dangerous machines. The radiographers working with MRI machines need to ensure that when a patients enter the MRI room with no form of metal on them.You have the employees in the x-ray rooms who need to be sure they are wearing their aprons and that the radiation dose isn?t too high. Safety posters will probably need to be put up all over the hospital to inform non employers about the safety policies in the hospital. The brewery might execute this in a different way, from basic things such as putting hand-railings in their staircases to maintaining machinery such as fork lifts. Shepard neame would probably require most brewers to wear protective clothing such as helmets due to huge machineries that they would have to work with. Management of health and safety work 1999 This act looks into the management of safety in the workplace. First it begins by explaining that employers should carry out a risk assessment before workers with anything that can expose them to any kind of danger. This involves the employer listing different hazards related with the work activity and also listing the solutions or precautions to the listed hazards. Next the employer must also(if required) hire people with the appropriate skills and knowledge to help him/her enforce the precaution on the risk assessment. Relevant training should also be given to certain employees who are leaders/managers of certain sections. Provision and use of work equipment regs 1998 This provides this law specifically focuses on the safety surrounding any form of machinery. The law states that machines should be regularly updated and maintained. They also should be maintained by people with the right training and skills. Users should be well aware of the safety policy surrounding the machine and should keep a regular log about the maintenance of the machine. non employers should be kept out of danger zones of the machines. Also safety should be put in place such as wearing or boots or ear buds. ...read more.

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