Fawkham Manor Hospital - technology used and health and safety

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Fawkham manor hospital

The hospital

Fawkham is a private hospital based in dartford, long-field. Its part of a BMI. Fawkham hospital also provide services, such as 24/7 sky plus t.v, five star quality hotel services,en suit bathroom, taxi services, pharmacy. surgery are quite expensive ranging from 1,100 to 7,000. Fawkham manor gets most of its funding from the patient and insurers and in some cases from foreign embassies. Funding most likely go to equipments staff’s pay and medical research.

Fawkham and the community

Fawkham manor plays a major part in the community. Its participated in events such as the big bounce 2011, which is where the staff in the hospital bounce simultaneously across the gym. The purpose of the event was to raise money for research into cures for spinal injuries and a health lifestyle. Another example of fawkham manor taking an active part in the community is when a select few Fawkham manor staff served cakes and coffees in an effort to raise money for cancer support. The aim was to sale as many cakes and coffees as possible and to give all the money to the cancer support. They raised £314.

Staff and qualification at Fawkham

Physicians- will often diagnose patients based on the symptoms and data they receive from the patient. Like most doctors, physicians at Fawkham will have to be good at work under pressure and be able to deal with the emotional aspect of the job.

Qualifications- Hopeful doctors need three A-levels in at least two of the sciences and Need to have at least a 3 years bachelors in maybe a subject like biochemistry or biomedical sciences, and then needs have completed full training at medical school. Though you can go straight to medical school. Becoming a physician is very competitive and would take around 11 years which includes the experience you need working in a hospital.

Surgeons- Surgeons are doctors who specialize in cutting of human or animal. Surgeons take the practicals approach in treating patients and are often under pressure by


It can take up to 12 years to become a surgeon, so it often means you need to be commited. Surgeons go through the similar process of a physicians such as studying a 3 year degree, then going to medical school. In medical school,they do a 5 year degree in medicine and surgery. Then go on to do a specialist training in surgery.

Nurse- Nurse help out around the hospital are basically the backbone of the hospital. They assist the doctors, they take care of the patients. Nurses in fawkham be under a lot less stress due to smaller amount of patients at the hospital, not to say it won’t still be stressful

What is radiology/radiography ?

Radiology/radiography is a branch of medicine that specializes in taking images of the human body, using this to diagnose patients. Radiographers use advanced machinery, to take clear images of the body. These machines include Ultrasound, X-ray machines, CT scans and MRIs.

These are usually given to radiologist, who then interpret the data and diagnose the patient. Radiology plays a very important part in any hospital, as it is often radiographers who diagnose patients(e.g tumors). Physicians often rely on the medical images taken by radiographers.

Radiographers are split into two specialities :

Therapeutic radiographers- These kind of radiographers are the one who treat cancer, by using radiotherapy. They use a wide range of techniques to do so such as CT simulations and moulding.

Diagnostic radiographers- These are radiographers who specialize in taking high quality pictures of patients using a range of different techniques using different types of equipment( e.g MRI machines, CT scanners)

History of radiography

William Roentgen was first to discover the electromagnetic wave-X-ray. It came when he was doing experiments see the effect of different vacuum tubes. In this he saw that his invisible cathode tubes had caused a fluorescent effect on the cardboard which was painted with barium platincynaide when near an aluminum window. the next day he replicated the experiment to test hittorf Crookes tube. This time attaching electrodes a coil to generate a electrostatic charge. As he proceeded to the next part of his experiment he saw a shimmering about a meter away from the coil. He then did a couple of discharges and there the shimmering remained. He then speculated that he discovered a new sort of ray, he then observed its properties for the entire weekend in his lab. He named his new discovery X-ray.

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Soon after, scientists were able to look into peoples body without harming them for the first time. During WW2 nuclear medicine was used to investigate thyroid disease. Then in the 1950s a medical doctor used a mammography to screen women for breast cancer, this was proven to be incredibly useful, during the same decade, the ultra scanner was used for the first time in the 1950s. And then form 1960s and onwards the MRI and CT scanner were developed. These major breakthroughs have saved millions of  lives by helping doctors diagnose diseases which would have been very difficult to discover, ...

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