Give a description of the different types of communication used in care settings.

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Communications in Care Settings

AO1: Give a description of the different types of communication used in care settings.


To communicate with someone is to exchange information or news with them. To communicate is the beginning of understanding. Communication is considered a vital parts of care work as it enables people to store information, without communication, a relationship cannot be develop. As Tearesa Thomson stated when writing about health work, ‘Communication is a relationship’ (1986). The number of ways in which people can communicate with can communicate with each other differs:

A person can communicate with another via; Oral communication, body language, signs and symbols and/or written and electronically transferred communication. For most disability, there is a way of communicating that is suitable for them and can be easily understood. I.e. The deaf use sign language.

It is vital that we communicate using the right methods to each person; else the information may be misunderstood or misinterpreted.

Oral communication

Oral (mouth) communications when done face to face usually involve the use of words and sentences (otherwise known as verbal communication) collectively, with a range of facial expressions and body languages (non- verbal communication) which has to exude the right massage to give the right impression.

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Oral communication may be central to such daily task as: Asking for information, Explaining issues, policies and procedure, clarifying issues, problem solving, exchanging ideas/ learning new ideas, Welcoming people, building a sense of trust, calming people who are experiencing strong emotion…etc.

Positive effects of using oral communication:

  • The level of understanding and clearness in oral communication is high as it is interpersonal.
  • The feedback is spontaneous in case of oral communication. For that reason, choices can be made swiftly without any impediment.
  • Oral communication is best in case of a dilemma. The disagreement, dispute and many ...

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A sound essay that discusses communication. It is a little limited in places and isn't discussing the full range of methods of communicating. There are some good examples of barriers but there are several that are not mentioned and it would demonstrate greater understanding if the writer were to explore these further. A very good starting point but requires a little more research. ****