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Health and social care Unit 1 part C

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Health and social care Unit 1 part C Coursework For my coursework I was asked to produce a report of my investigation into one provider of health, social care or early year's services in my local area. My report must show how well these services meet the different needs of two people who use them. I have chosen to base my report at a primary school where I accomplished my work experience as part of my Unit 1 coursework. When carry out this investigation it will help me realize if the placement/provider meets the needs of the clients who use them. To ensure confidentiality I have changed the names of the two clients that I am going to be examining. The names that I have selected are Lucy and Luke. My first client is a girl called Lucy and Lucy is a six year old who is currently studying at Stanford Primary School and is presently in year one. She is Polish and she has come from Poland a couple of months ago due to family's personal and financial reasons. As she cannot verbalize in English properly, it makes it difficult to communicate with others who don't speak her language and makes it even harder for her follow instructions. She joined Stanford Primary school at the start of year one. She has a Teaching Assistant who assists her with her learning as best as she can. There is an individual who speaks her language but that is it. He helps Lucy by explaining things in Polish when Lucy doesn't understand; playing with her at break times and at lunchtimes just so that she doesn't become left out. As Lucy has come from Poland recently English is her second language. There are many terms that are used for EAL. Some of these are English as an additional needs, bilingualism and multilingualism. In England, 686,000 pupils are recorded as having a mother tongue other than English. ...read more.


As Luke has anger management and behavioural problems the teachers observe him all the time and regularly meet up with his parents so the parents can also see how their son is getting along at school. In these meetings they set targets for Luke to achieve over the next week and when they get together again the can see if he achieved the targets. Anger is an emotion that is caused by frustration. Aggression means trying to hurt a person or to destroy property. What can his parents do to help Luke? * Talk to a paediatrician about a referral to a professional if your child if your child is doing things that are dangerous, harmful or disrespectful to people or property. These are the things that are related to behavioural problems: * Losing ones temper- when the teacher tells him to o something right he gets really angry and stomps around the classroom hurting other people present in the classroom. * Arguing with adults- he argues with the teachers at school when they instruct them what to do and how to behave in the classroom * Actively defying requests- he doesn't listen what the teachers and other pupils tell him what to do he defies them and does what he pleas. * Refusing to follow rules- he doesn't follow the school and the classroom rules as he runs around the classroom and throws pens and pencils around the classroom. * Deliberately annoying people: he annoys people as he goes around making funny noises and taking other peoples belongings. * Blaming others for one mistake: once he hit someone at break time and then he blamed the other boy who was no where near where Luke was playing. * Easily annoyed and distracted: when someone starts to play when they finish their work then he starts to play with them and leaves his work unfinished. ...read more.


He can also try and change the environment that he feels awkward and will definitely need to learn how to express his feelings. Professional services that can help Luke to overcome his problem at a later stage of his life are: * Counselling: counselling will help him to look at they way he thinks and the problems his behaviour can cause to other people. * Anger management programmes: This is a more focused programme designed for people who've had a single violent episode or who've been violent in the past and now feel able to make changes. * Assertive training: Assertiveness training teaches people how to express their feelings and needs in a calm, considered way that is respectful of the other person. His parents could help him to overcome his difficulty as they can: * Set Limits * Adjust the climate * Promote good behaviour * The Role of Discipline * Avoiding arguments. * Listening to your child * Say "Yes" To No: Give your children permission to say "no" to anyone who asks them to do something they know or feel is wrong. Teach them to say "no" firmly and loudly, then to go tell another adult. * Private Time: Give your children a place to be alone and call their own. Respect their privacy, particularly their physical privacy. * Ask Yourself Take an honest look in the mirror and ask yourself: Are you in constant battle with your kids? Do you find yourself wanting to hit your children? Do you think your children are "winding you up" to spite you? If so, talk with someone before these feelings get the better of you. Call a friend or relative and/or seek professional help from Social Services, the NSPCC or your GP. Help is available so use it! Positively you are showing that you care about the relationship with your child. Luke will also develop the same or similar needs that Lucy will develop when he enters the other 3 life stages. ...read more.

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