Health and social, Unit 2, Task 1

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Individual needs within the health and social care sectors

Susan Smith is 29 years old. She has been addicted to alcohol since the age of 17. She has lost everything due to her addiction, her home, her job and her daughter the thing that hurts her the most is that she isn’t that bothered, of course she was hurt but in the end that cold litre of cider was her company what else did she need?

Susan has tried many things to get her back on track, rehab, meetings, visiting Bella, the lost daughter that doesn’t want anything else but for her own mum to hold her in her arms. Nothing has worked! Susan is a very needy person. Susan likes to be centre of attention but, she frightens everyone she meets, she needs help!

The everyday needs of Susan…

The table below describes the everyday needs of Susan and an individual in society. The table shows how the two lives’ compare…

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Explaining the potential affects of four factors that can influence the health and subsequent needs of individuals in society.

Action plan for Susan Smith

  1. To stop drinking
  2. To start exercising
  3. To eat a well balanced diet
  4. To reduce the stress in her life

In order for this to be a realistic plan with a chance of Susan succeeding all targets should not be addressed at once. The time scale for achieving the targets should be practical and reasonable.

The potential physical, social and emotional effects on the ...

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This is a good piece of work, detailing very positive ways forward for the client to improve upon her lifestyle and get her life 'back on track'. It focuses on the client's needs and meets the aims of the report. The only weakness is the risk assessment that is put in at the end of the assignment. It is not clearly linked to the client and this should be done prior to submission. ****