How Daily Routines can help to support children(TM)s care and all round development for 0-3 years.

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How Daily Routines can help to support children’s care and all round development for 0-3 years.

A daily routine is the pattern of a day. A good routine helps children growth and development because it meets their basic needs. It also helps children feel secure as they know that similar things happen each day.

Planning a daily routine

“All children benefit from routines in daily care and contribute greatly to the provision of a positive, safe and secure environment.”

(Childcare & Education Tina Bruce and Carolyn Meggit ISBN:0-340-92539-6)

Routines change according to the age of the children. This means that adults planning a daily routine need to think about the needs of the children they are working with.

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How a welcoming routine supports a Childs development

A welcoming routine is very important as it makes the child feel loved and wanted. Ways in which this could help them develop are:

Physically- hand eye co ordination, when they hang their coat.

Intellectually- remembering their marker on their coat peg.

Language- talking and welcoming their teacher and even just
               being able to recognise their name.

Emotional- this could be when they leave their parents as it
               might make then feel sad, or sometimes happy.

Social- talking and welcoming the teachers, interacting ...

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A very good essay that discusses the key points of routines. The writer has discussed how the routines can help the child's development and has demonstrated good understanding in places. There is scope for a little more explanation in places and a little more research might help this. ****