Introduction to Child Study.

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Introduction to Child Study

The child I will be studying is Mica. She was born on the 26th December 1999. She is now 3 years and 7 months old. Mica is of mixed race with lovely brown curly hair and beautiful brown eyes. She is a very lively and outgoing child. Mica can also be very shy with strangers dependent on their approach to her.

        Mica is rather tall for her at 108 ½ cm or 42 ½ inches tall and wears clothes aged 4-5. She gets the height from her father’s side of the family. She also has a size 9 feet, which is large for her age. Mica is very happy, chatty child who can mix with most children, and attends the local nursery five days a week all day whilst her parents work. She has a wide imagination and often pretends to be a teacher using the skills her teachers use at nursery which she as noticed. Mica loves to play along in games with others and amuses herself when alone. She loves to play with her dolls and teddy bears but also likes watching television. Mica’s favourite programme is Tweenies, she also likes to watch films, and her favourite is Monsters Inc. She often relays what is happening in the film like when the monster is talking she will say the words before him or when the little girl is about to scream she will prior to it happening.

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        Mica lives in a two bed-roomed flat in West Bowling with her mother Favel aged 29 and her father Chris aged 33. Mica as her own bedroom with a standard single bed which used to have a safety guard on. Most of her toys are kept in her bedroom; she also has a television and video player in her room with a wide range of videos to watch. Mica has no siblings so that is why it is good that her mother put her into nursery from a young age to get used to the prospect of sharing with others ...

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A very short but clear introduction to a case study. The writer could extend by discussing the child's expected development, such as the norms, to give a measure of where the child is in their development. ****