"Is Home Learning better than School?"

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Olivia Dueser

“Is Home Learning better than School?”

“Ladies of the house, Judge and ladies of the court I would like to introduce the argument of ‘Is Home learning better than School? I introduce you to Emily and Isabelle first, who are going to talk about ‘Home Learning’. They will say both the advantages and the disadvantages. Then India and Mimi are will speak about School and their good advantages and their disadvantages.”

        “Thank you. Both Emily and I are going to talk to you about ‘Home Learning.’ We will first say the advantages, then the disadvantages and then we shall conclude to you about are little argument.

        There are many advantages about ‘Home Learning’. With home learning it is one-to-one teaching. So you get more attention and most likely to learn more. This one-to-one teaching is quite a good technique to try and make a child concentrate more. We got that piece of information from a governor of the ‘Royal, Teaching, With Robots, Association.’ When you are at home, learning, there is nobody with you except a computer, so bullying does not exist there. Lots of children are home-schooled due to serious causes of bullying. Bullying is a serious matter than can change a child’s life without anyone realising it. Fortunately another good point about ‘Home Learning’ is that the mechanical teachers are impartial. Unlike at school where sometimes normal, human teachers can be quite buyest towards some students. Also when you learn at home, you do not have to wake up so early. You can have a lie-in and have bed in breakfast! Just relax and enjoy life until it is time for work! Also when you are on your own the mechanical teacher can work on your pace and level.

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        Now, there are also many disadvantages. If one is at home alone with just a teacher, one does not learn how to socialize with other people. Take it this way. When they go into the big, bad world out there, they will not be able to mix in with people as easily, seeing as they are not really used to it. Also one does not get many friends. Whereas if you were at school, you would have many more. One is stuck inside for most of the day, so one cannot smell the fresh air, and take walks in break ...

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