M2 Outline a two-day diet plan for two service users with specific dietary needs

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Unit 11

M2 Outline a two-day diet plan for two service users with specific dietary needs

Diet plan for Bill Surrey 78yrs of age and suffering from type two diabetes

Day one

Breakfast – Can include scrambled egg with two slices of wholemeal toast and a glass of orange juice.  If necessary then a tsp of margarine can be added to the toast.  This meal is well balanced as he will get enough carbohydrates from his wholemeal toast which will release energy slowly but not too many carbohydrates.  He will also have a portion of one of his five a day with the glass of orange juice and some protein from his scrambled egg.

Snack one – This snack should be of fruit, preferably not an orange as he has already had orange juice and it is recommended to consume a rainbow of fruit and veg.  Fruit is a great snack as it has necessary carbohydrates for energy along with key vitamins.

Lunch – A bowl of vegetable soup, an apple and a turkey sandwich of two slices of wholemeal bread, 1 ounce of turkey and a teaspoon of light mayonnaise.  This will give him not too many carbohydrates but just enough.  He is also getting 2 portions of his five a day.

Snack two – A fat-free yoghurt of 6oz with added vitamin D.  This will give the necessary carbohydrates for energy and some calcium and vitamin D.

Dinner – 5 ounces of boiled chicken breast, with a cup of boiled broccoli, 2/3 cup of brown rice and ½ a cup of ice cream.  Here Bill will be getting protein from the chicken breast, essential vitamins including iron from his broccoli which is another of his five a day, enough carbohydrates for energy from his rice but not too many to worsen his condition and he is also getting a treat, not depriving him from something sweet for the day.

Snack three – Carrot sticks and humus.  Again this is one of his five a day low in carbohydrates but not too low to deprive him of energy and also giving him essential vitamins.

Day two

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Breakfast – A bowl of oatmeal porridge containing 200ml of skimmed milk topped with a sprinkle of chopped almonds and drizzled in a tbsp of Manuka honey, a banana and a glass of cranberry juice.  This meal is well balanced as the oatmeal and milk contain carbohydrates not too much and not too little, the honey is a good substitute for sugar and is much more beneficial and the banana and cranberry juice provide him with 2 of his five a day containing key nutrients.

Snack one – A pack of soy crisps.  Containing soy protein and fibre as a ...

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