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GCSE: Health and Social Care

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  1. health and social section E Health Plan

    Smoking: ==> Count how many cigarettes you have per day, and have one less one less every other day. E.g. day one, if you smoke 30, then on day 3, you should smoke 29. ==> Aim to cut down by 3 or four in the first week, and 7 overall by the end of week 2. ==> Try to find another hobby to help you take your mind off of the craving, or just play with a stress toy or pencil, within the first week, as the cravings will be highest then.

    • Word count: 4060

    If we take more time to listen to the customers problems, such as problems with the kind of product we are supplying, through improved customer service then we can ensure that we are selling goods that are wanted by the customers. This would help us to identify which product lines we should drop. This would only work if communication internally is done properly. Aim 2) By improving customer services even further at John Lewis more people will shop in the department store buying more goods.

    • Word count: 13987
  3. Safe Guarding, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Abuse assingments

    This act allows care professional?s to take away someone?s freedom if they are for example suicidal, they may be sectioned in a mental health unit to protect them for their own safety. They may take extra precautions to prevent an individual hurting themselves by locking the windows in their rooms and having a key code on the doors to get out so that people cannot walk out. They may also take away and individual?s belongings that may help contribute to their death such as shoe laces, belts and necklaces.

    • Word count: 6496
  4. Unit 4 P1 -Human Lifespan - Conception and Development

    Gestation is when the foetus develops into a baby. Gestation takes 9 months, more or less. There are three month periods called trimesters of the physical development of a zygote. The first trimester is when the foetus still looks like a baby lizard. You can start recognizing its head, spinal column and cord on its back, and a very visible umbilical cord running along its front stomach attached to the mother. When the baby is still in its first trimester, it is legally allowed to get an abortion.

    • Word count: 6530
  5. Fawkham Manor Hospital - technology used and health and safety

    Surgeons- Surgeons are doctors who specialize in cutting of human or animal. Surgeons take the practicals approach in treating patients and are often under pressure by Qualifications It can take up to 12 years to become a surgeon, so it often means you need to be commited. Surgeons go through the similar process of a physicians such as studying a 3 year degree, then going to medical school. In medical school,they do a 5 year degree in medicine and surgery.

    • Word count: 3158
  6. GCSE Unit 3 - Types of Health & Designing a Healthcare Plan.

    This is also an example of negative meaning of health because the person is not doing anything to look after their health. Holistic definition: A holistic definition of health accesses health based on a combination ofphysical, intellectual, emotional and social factors. Literally it looks in all parts of a person?s health. This definition is based on Maslow?s hierarchy of needs. For example Paula Radcliffe, the British marathon runner, offers a good example of someone with a holistic attitude to health.

    • Word count: 10071
  7. Action Plan For Research Into The Role Of A Pre-School Teacher.

    Some parents have fees paid by colleges. Montessori nursery has seven staff in, but on different days or times. Montessori nursery is a pre school nursery which means that children from the age of 1 month can start going there up to the age when they start reception ? age 5. Even though the nursery is not funded my the government, every child enjoys the nursery and has lots of arts and craft stuff, and gets to go on day trips like: * Going to the zoo * Going to the farm * Going to book shops The nursery is just like a normal house, which is quiet good because then that means that they will feel more comfortable because it like a normal lay out of a house.

    • Word count: 3049
  8. Health and social level 3 Unit 12 Public Health

    Promoting the health of the population Health-promoting activities to reduce ill health in the population, for obesity this might include campaigns encouraging people to be more active or eat more fruit and vegetables. Planning and evaluating the provision of health and social care Assessing the provision of relevant health services and whether or not they are having sufficient impact on the problem. In the case of obesity this might include assessing whether or not, local services can meet the demand for weight management advice.

    • Word count: 4289
  9. The practitioners responsibility in a professional relationship is that they should be able to work as part of a team and provide a high quality care and education for children, you would do this by following legislations

    about their child or if it is other professionals and staff then keeping them up to date on the childs performance, Ensure that that the communication needs are met for example transalations?. The environment should be ?warm and welcoming so it is inviting to everyone. By creating confidential and welcoming areas for conversations would attract more people. Also have clear and attractive noticeboards so parents, other professionals and visitors are able to see what has been going on and what is going to happen in the setting.

    • Word count: 5359
  10. Understand ways to overcome barriers in a health and social care environment:

    An area which is very hectic where there is usually any little security sometime whenever interacting communication maybe withdrawn. Sometimes a person may feel uncomfortable when ever expressing themselves or a certain part of their life which may consist of distraught memories from a certain part of their life in a public environment when communicating with others. Nether less when certain effects which are made to make the person communicate privately without being heard by others. The communication and interaction are more likely to be most effective when communicating.

    • Word count: 3566
  11. Discuss the care strategies that can be used to support individuals with each of the physiological disorders

    After these have been undertaken then the patient will be referred back to their GP so that they can be monitored so then if anything changes in the patients? health they can be referred to a specialist in this scenario the GP will act as a gate way. All these things are done so that the best possible care is being given to the individual and that they are at the centre of the care plan, as well as this it is done so that there is no overlap of the same physio and treatment and there is no waste of resources.

    • Word count: 4538
  12. Examining the Support and Care Provided for Four Children

    The foster career is going to be the one looking after the child there going to make sure the child is safe and is being educated in line with every child matters and health and safety act 1974. It?s a private home where the child will go and its up to the career if there want to send pictures to the parents, sometimes a family member teacher or even a family friends can foster a child. Foster care is intended to be a short term situation until there found a permanent place sometimes the parents can even get there child back if there prove there are fit enough to look after there child.

    • Word count: 6951
  13. The Dietary Needs Of Individuals At Different Life Stages

    The infant?s kidneys and digestive system is not fully matured when they are born so it is vital that the mothers follow instructions on how to prepare the bottle to reduce the risk of infection. This is why breastfeeding is an easier option. 6 Months Old ? This is the age where most babies are introduced into solid foods such as rusks (baby biscuits) and this process is called weaning. Weaning is started around the sixth month of the newborns life.

    • Word count: 3278

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