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GCSE: Health and Social Care

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  1. Safe Guarding, Anti Social Behaviour and Domestic Abuse assingments

    This act allows care professional?s to take away someone?s freedom if they are for example suicidal, they may be sectioned in a mental health unit to protect them for their own safety. They may take extra precautions to prevent an individual hurting themselves by locking the windows in their rooms and having a key code on the doors to get out so that people cannot walk out. They may also take away and individual?s belongings that may help contribute to their death such as shoe laces, belts and necklaces.

    • Word count: 6496
  2. Skills & Qualities of a Nursery Nurse

    * Being able to communicate and listen to your children * Being efficient, expressive and creative * Being observant, loving and caring * Being organised and practical * Enjoying children and playing with them * Handling emergency situations * Having a vivid imagination * Teamwork and stress management * Understanding child behaviour and care Qualities: * An enthusiastic, cheerful and friendly personality * Communication and listening skills * Patience with all children, but especially with those with behavioural problems or special educational needs A calm nature and the ability to keep a cool head in a crisis * Team working skills and the ability to get on with adults (parents, colleagues and childcare professionals)

    • Word count: 779
  3. Evaluation Of How A Nursery Can Meet A Child's PIES

    This is because I felt that my viewpoints and judgement might be contrasted with somebody else?s, this would result in both of us not asking particular questions and having a limited data. I was only able to interview three nursery staff out of five due to the busy schedule. I did, however, get a wide range of views from the nursery nurses I asked, each of the nursery nurses were polite and helpful in answering the questions and patient in waiting for me whilst I wrote on the notebook.

    • Word count: 1459
  4. Early Years Care Values

    Confidentiality- this means keeping things isolated. It is important to keep things secluded, so that the children stay safe from hazard. Parental authorisation is needed to pass information on about the children to people outside the nursery. Nurseries should store the confidential information safely so it is secure from getting into an erroneous persons hands for example, nursery staff in Alperton should have locks on cupboards and passwords on computers. If a person came to the nursery asking for information about a certain child, the nursery staff should not give them any info and they should question the person about their identity and their connection with the child.

    • Word count: 1111
  5. Communication in Healthcare

    Facial Expressions Facial expressions are movements of the face that shows a person?s feelings. For example; smiling shows happiness and frowning shows sadness. Gestures Gestures are deliberate movements of the hands to express a meaning. For example; thumbs-up can show an agreement or pleasure and rising you fist can show anger or aggression. Touch or contact Touch or contact is physically touching a person to show an emotion. For example; placing a hand on a person?s arm or shoulder can be seen as reassuring them.

    • Word count: 1559
  6. Private Sector and Public Sector in Childcare

    Privacy legislation usually calls organisations in the public sector a public body or a public authority. Advantages of public sectors is that public control the services and therefore the profit margins are kept low. The costs of using public sectors are covered from the taxpayer therefore people are unlikely to go to debt. The government directly controls public sectors, therefore public sectors cannot be used inappropriately. However, there are disadvantages like the money that is used comes from the taxpayers, therefore there would be a limitations of money to spend on certain things so won?t be valued.

    • Word count: 1258
  7. Informal Carers And Their Influence On Children

    A hug from a grandparent, for example, can effect a child?s emotional development. If grandparents are openly loving, and in harmony they will have a development effect on the child, which has a positive effect on his or her continuing development. That child will tend to be firmly attached, pleasant-sounding in his/her relationships, and tolerant of familiarity as an adult. In contrast, contact with an emotionally voracious grandparent leaves a child underprivileged, anxiously attached, and hurting. The child might feel anxious about starting school and will probably settle with some reassurance. Grandparents are a vital in children emotional development because children begin to learn how to cope with their feeling by observing people surrounding them during early childhood.

    • Word count: 1769
  8. Describe the Training and Qualification of Nursery Nurses

    on outings * Feed and change babies * Observe children and make notes for use in reports * Work to Early Years Foundation Stage standards on child learning * Make sure the children are safe and well at all times (safeguarding) * Report any concerns to your manager, such as signs of abuse. The duties may include acting as a key worker for one or more children, monitoring their progress and sharing information about their development with their parents and guardian.

    • Word count: 839
  9. Unit 4 P1 -Human Lifespan - Conception and Development

    Gestation is when the foetus develops into a baby. Gestation takes 9 months, more or less. There are three month periods called trimesters of the physical development of a zygote. The first trimester is when the foetus still looks like a baby lizard. You can start recognizing its head, spinal column and cord on its back, and a very visible umbilical cord running along its front stomach attached to the mother. When the baby is still in its first trimester, it is legally allowed to get an abortion.

    • Word count: 6530
  10. Explain barriers to communication within a health and social care environment

    Message understood it is important that health and social care workers are aware of this cycle so that they understand the message that is being sent. These messages also do not have to be spoken messages, and people code and send messages using body language. A child for example, may not be able to send messages to the nursery nurse of what they want by speaking to them, but the nursery nurse by observing the communication cycle will be more likely to know what they want.

    • Word count: 1982
  11. P4: Explain potential differences in care needs of individuals at different life stages

    Finally our social care needs involve a person?s relationships and maintain health social relationships. It is important that all of these care needs are provided for people at different life stages for them to grow and develop as a healthy individual person. Combining these health needs together is known as catering for a person?s holistic needs. Each individual has basics physical needs. Everybody has the need for a healthy balanced diet and water. However, there may be differences to what a healthy balanced diet will be made up of regarding the age of a person.

    • Word count: 2036

Conclusion analysis

Good conclusions usually refer back to the question or title and address it directly - for example by using key words from the title.
How well do you think these conclusions address the title or question? Answering these questions should help you find out.

  1. Do they use key words from the title or question?
  2. Do they answer the question directly?
  3. Can you work out the question or title just by reading the conclusion?
  • Discuss the various health education and/or health promotion strategies for a current health issue in the UK today

    "In a brief conclusion, eating disorders is very dangerous and is serious problem. More and more young adolescences are getting ill because of desirer to be thin and follow "thinspiration". Even there are a lot of reasons why people get eating disorders, media and fashion world should think more carefully towards young people and advertise the healthier image of body. The government, indeed, is aware of how big this problem is in United Kingdom, but putting more effort towards an acceptance of people of all shapes and sizes is society, would help to decreases a number of teenagers from suffering from eating disorders. Referencing and"

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