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GCSE: Health and Social Care

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Analysis of One Individual's Health and Wellbeing

    Holistic Definition: Health and well-being are result of a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors.? 1) Health and Social care for GCSE World Health Organization's (WHO's) definition of "health": "Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity." 2) Christian Nordqvist. (2011) My own view towards health and well-being: Health and well-being is when a person is mentally happy and physically fit. To be healthy and well-being you need to have a balanced diet, do enough exercise and have supportive family and friend who care for you and love you.

    • Word count: 10325
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Understanding effective communication

    The communication cycle has a code which needs to be translated. The person has to find about what the other person is trying to say and to view their behaviour. Tuckman is an interaction that takes place in a group with several individuals with their own point of view. To be part of the group can build up maturity, relationship which can also change the leadership style. Some individuals are not used to group discussion which they have to go through their process and get used to it.

    • Word count: 1536
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Culture and diversity. Ways people are defined and differentiated

    reconstructed family is where one or both parents has remarried and may have children in a past marriage which results in step brothers or step sisters. A Lone parent family is where one parent is independent and has children with one parent Social class Social class is determined by the status of a person within society, this could be based on wealth and/or occupation .the social class can be inherited or earned not by money but by status.

    • Word count: 559
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Health education - Teenage Obesity, Determinates of health and Risk Factor

    This means that 45.9% of teens are at risk for developing health problems due to weight. It is important to note that weight gain during the teen years is normal. It is when that weight gain progresses beyond normal limits that teens become at risk for obesity. There are many causes of Teenage Obesity such as an increased amount of junk food, lack of physical activity and even some genetic factors. There are many types of health problems that Obesity can cause, such as; Type 2 Diabetes Asthma Sleep problems (including sleep apnea) Orthopaedic (bone) problems due to an inability of the developing bones to support the excess weight Hypertension (high Blood Pressure)

    • Word count: 732
  5. Marked by a teacher

    Describe how health and safety legislation, policies and procedures promote the safety of individuals in a health or social care setting.

    All staffs should be handed a written code of conduct talking about the training, supervision, rules and safety procedures and also providing a safe environment for visitors to visit. all work place must control the risk of fire and conduct the fire drills as well as the risk assessment in case of any potential fire the employees should have provided full training and information to the staffs because it helps the staff and patients act quick enough if there was to be any fire.

    • Word count: 1755
  6. Marked by a teacher

    Important skills needed by Early Years Practioners. It is very important to maintain appropriate relationship with other professionals by being polite and listening to what they have to say.

    agency team will come together and find ways to help improve this little boys letter sounds so that he can learn the right way to pronounce the letter `f`. By working with the multi-agency professionals the little boy and his mother will receive the support they need to help him get through this. As a Practitioner you will need to know on how to work with other professionals. You will need to communicate and understand their role to, as well as they responsibilities. By working in paternership with them you will be focussing on the child and they best interest.

    • Word count: 1111
  7. Marked by a teacher

    the advantages and disadvantages living in 21st century

    Second, the advance in medical technology brings the better medical care and treatment, people's life expectancy is longer. Moreover, most people can buy foods with consist of high nutrition and they can go on vacation in their leisure time. The Third are the modern conveniences such as TV, internet, media transportation and labor-saving machines in the home. However living in the 21st century also has disadvantages. For example is the increasing of polluted environment; air is polluted with vehicle smoke and water is contaminated by waste from factories and houses. The better medical care and treatment caused the people's life expectancy is longer or in other words they can live longer and reproduction it's meant that over population.

    • Word count: 640
  8. Childcare Observation. Today I witnessed Blessing read to the children during circle time.

    She holds the book towards the children, pointing out pictures and words as she reads. The children ask her questions and she listens and replies nicely, one child asks 'can I be a butterfly' she replies 'no, you're a pretty girl, but I could help you make a butterfly later', Okay says the child and Blessing continues reading. At the end of the story she asked the children whose turn it was to choose a book to be read again, they all chorused 'me me me'.

    • Word count: 492
  9. Health and Safety risk analysis for a nursery.

    * Food not prepared properly Cleaning products * Leaving buckets with mop water * Ready for spills. * Lid of a product left opened * Chemicals not stored safely in a cupboard out of reach of kids. * Really mild cleaning products Used to clean tables. toys * Not enough space for play area * Toys left around * Broken toys with sharp edges * Child chokes on toy * Child trips over a toy unlocked doors * Children could get out.

    • Word count: 457
  10. Outline the difficulties that may arise in communication and how these may be overcome.

    To try and overcome this barrier you will have to make the child feel as any other child in the classroom and try not to single that child out. However it may help on occasions if all the children worked together and tried to learn things such as sign language to communicate with that child. Also it would be good if that child is made to get involved with everything possible to improve on his/her communication with others. Whilst I was on work experience I came across a little girl aged 3 that was deaf that would not talk much or get involved with activities as much as the other children.

    • Word count: 756
  11. The main risk factors of coronary heart disease that could be modified or prevented include; High blood cholesterol, Elevated blood pressure, High triglyceride with low HDL, diabetes, smoking, obesity, inactivity and excessive alcohol and stress.

    High-cholesterol To modify your high cholesterol, in order to reduce risk of getting CHD, you would need to eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Cholesterol is an important aspect of our diet, and is crucial for healthy cells. Too much cholesterol however, is harmful and the body will start to deposit extra cholesterol in the walls of arteries. The arteries then become damaged or even blocked. This could result in a heart attack. Most people that have excessive cholesterol have a diet rich in fat, which is why it is essential that they reduce the amount of fat they consume and modify their diet to make it as healthy as possible.

    • Word count: 779
  12. How to Get rid of Pimples and Acne

    Be careful about using hot water or taking long hot showers (especially in winter) because this can strip your skin of moisture. Use gentle motions rather than trying to scrub your acne away. Look for the best acne products that will preserve the moisture and integrity of your skin while killing bacteria as well. Comprehensive treatment systems that include several components are often more effective than any one product alone. Make sure to budget adequately because some treatments can be quite expensive.

    • Word count: 3636
  13. Care Value Base at Sherwoods Nursing Home.

    We have domestic (cleaner) assigned to each room to keep it clean and tidy and they will each be paired up with a laundry assistant who will look after you're clothing as required. We ask that all you're clothes are suitable for the machine washing and are labelled clearly with you're name -you can order labels on request from you're key worker. Although we understand that people may prefer to arrange for their own clothes to be washed. This is absolutely fine with us as we believe you have as much choice in the nursing home as you do in your own home.

    • Word count: 1118
  14. You need to complete an action plan for an individual to help them improve their health. Your action plan needs to include three targets to help improve the health of the individual in the case study.

    Her partner is also a heavy smoker and she is trying to persuade him to stop as well. They work for the same company, where they are allowed to smoke in a particular area, away from the non-smokers. They have always wanted to go on safari holiday and Vicky has worked out that they could afford the holiday next year, if they were to stop smoking and save the money.

    • Word count: 400
  15. Health plan and individual needs in health and social care for a drug using client.

    Because Nathan smokes cannabis it cause's all his illness to be worse. Nathan is on more then one place on Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. Nathan is on the Physiological need as he has food, water, sex, sleep; He also just comes into the Safety needs on Maslow's chart as he does have property. Nathan also comes under the Love and belonging need as he has family, sexual intimacy and a small amount of friends. P3 Medical Questionnaire This questionnaire is designed to try to ensure you get the best help possible and for us to understand a better knowledge of you illnesses.

    • Word count: 1153
  16. Illegal Drugs - Effects and the Law

    -If you are caught with cannabis the police will always take action. Heroin A -Slows down body functioning. -Reduces physical pain. -Get a rush or a buzz. -Make sleepy and very relaxed. -The first dose can bring about dizziness and vomiting. -Possession can lead to a prison sentence of up to 7 years in jail, and an unlimited fine. -Supplying can lead to a life sentence, and an unlimited fine. Steroids C -Make you feel more aggressive. -If your young, it can stop you growing properly. -Can lead to erection problems, growing of breasts becoming sterile and developing acne.

    • Word count: 550
  17. Working in a care setting. Understand Priorities and Response in dealing with Incidents and Emergencies

    Giving chest compression > Find the place where the ribs meet the breastbone, and lay two fingers there. > Put the heel of your other hand on their breastbone, just above where your two fingers are. > Put your first hand on top of this hand, locking your fingers together - as shown. > Keeping your shoulders above the centre of the person's chest and your arms straight, press down on their chest by about 4 to 5 cm > Release the pressure, but keep your hands where they are. This is a chest compression. > Do 15 chest compressions in just under 10 seconds.

    • Word count: 3066
  18. Explain the requirements of Care in the community legislation in relation to mental health problems.

    This means that local authorities have the responsibility of assessing peoples individuals needs. Some may need to be in a hospital to receive care and medication. People with mental health problems are able to stay in familiar surroundings whilst getting all the care they need. There are different types of services available such as support groups, home help and community day services.

    • Word count: 425
  19. Questionaire- How do teenagers views on dieting/slimming affect their lifestyle?

    extremely strong ? strong ? neutral ? weak ? extremely weak 3. You want to slim because: ? slim is prettier ? influence by friends ? influence by celebrities / models ? overweight Part B: Views on slimming/dieting 1. To what extent do you agree that slim equals to pretty? ? strongly agree ? partially agree ? neutral ? partially disagree ? strongly disagree 2. To what extent do you agree that slimming is important? ? strongly agree ?

    • Word count: 817
  20. Body systems and how they are monitored by care workers.

    Respiratory system The respiratory system is control by nerve impulses from the respiratory centre in the brain. It controls * The rhythm of breathing * The depth of breathing * The rate of breathing This centre also follows the principle of negative feedback and stimulates a change in respiration when receptors in the blood sense a decrease or increase in the amount of circulation carbon-dioxide. In order to measure our breathing process by which the body gain and get rid of carbon dioxide. Breathing rate is measured by watching the movement of the chest-one breath in (inspiration)

    • Word count: 1033
  21. Smoking.Smoking is a very bad habit and can leave a lot of bad consequences. Some people smoke tobacco, cannabis or cocaine.

    Smokers can get hooked very quickly and it can take years and a huge effort to kick the habit. Not many people are able to remain occasional smokers. It's illegal for shopkeepers to sell tobacco or tobacco products to anyone under 18. The leaves of the tobacco plant are dried then rubbed to produce a brown, flaky mixture. It can be bought loose as rolling tobacco or in ready-made cigarettes. Tobacco is most often smoked but some people chew it. The cost depends on the scale of a smoker's habit. As a guide, smoking 20 a day for five years will cost �8000.Tobacco smoke contains over 4000 chemicals.

    • Word count: 597
  22. Lifestyle factor: Alcohol. Official guidelines recommend that men shouldnt regularly drink more than 3-4 units a day and women shouldnt regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day because of the harm this may cause.

    It takes your body an hour to process one unit of alcohol. For most people, if you drink within the sensible limits for regular drinking, that's OK. But for some people drinking gradually gets out of control and results either in regular binge-drinking, heavy harmful drinking or alcoholism (alcohol dependence). Alcohol comes in a whole range of different drinks.

    • Word count: 457
  23. Science in the Workplace. A nurse is also very important to the health of the nation and this is why all schools are assigned a school nurse to make sure that all students are safe and healthy.

    Both nurses also work at Stanley Health Centre. Stanley Health Centre is a place open to the public to help them with any medical problems or queries they may have. It can easily be found in the centre of the town, Stanley. A school nurse is extremely important to give information to the students and to make sure they are healthy and safe. They have several duties within a school to make sure they fulfil their purpose. There is a lot of science behind this job. They must know what to look for and be able to carry out health assessments for hearing and vision to make sure that a patient is healthy.

    • Word count: 877
  24. Is Sunbathing harmful? Researching the Evidence.

    Sun beds give out harmful UV rays which damage the skin cells therefore resulting in skin cancer. "The World Health Organization guidance said young people who get burnt from exposure to UV have a greater risk of skin cancer as adults." The fact that your skin has changed in colour is not a good sign. An alternative to sunbathing is to use a sun bed which works by generating ultraviolet light that can be used indoors. The rays of a sun bed are very similar to the rays used in the sun, these rays are extremely dangerous.

    • Word count: 727
  25. Fast food. Some examples of health problems that may occur from fast food is obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, kidney failure and many more.

    What happens is that later in the day you might start to feel hungry, your brain recalls that advertisement and tells you why don't you go and get Macdonald's. This starts to make you lazy and could lead to many health risks. Some examples of health problems that may occur from fast food is obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, kidney failure and many more. All these diseases could kill you after a long time or even a short period of time.

    • Word count: 509

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