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GCSE: Health and Social Care

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  1. Marked by a teacher

    Developing Effective Communication in Health and social Care

    3 star(s)

    There are two different ways of communicating which are verbal and non-verbal; Verbal communication involves talking to present ideas, thoughts and feelings, good verbal communication is the ability to both explain and present your ideas clearly through the spoken word. The tone and paste of voice is also very important when talking as it can often show what mood an individual is in. For example if you talking to someone very loudly with a fixed tone the person you are speaking to will think you are angry with them, on the other hand if you speak calmly and quietly with a varying tone you will come across as being friendly.

    • Word count: 895
  2. Marked by a teacher

    Identify the factors that contribute to a diverse society

    3 star(s)

    Everyone have to respect others culture. For example Indian people have their own culture the way they dressed and the food they cook also music and dance. Ethnicity Ethnicity is the group of people identity with or feels they belong to. Ethnic is the measure of culture, language, dress, nationality or citizenship. Ethnic group in the United Kingdom include English, Indian, Pakistan, Irish, Scottish and African. Ethnic should be understands from the biological aspect and cultural aspect. Different ethnics may different dress differently, speak differently and eat different food.

    • Word count: 692
  3. Marked by a teacher

    Ensuring Safe Environments in Health and Social Care P1

    3 star(s)

    The children in the nursery will pick up a object e.g. a knife or scissor from the kitchen, or putting glue in their mouth because they are not watched to be told that?s wrong, so they have that advantage, allegedly causing harm to themselves and others around. Unlocked safety gates/doors can encourage the children to step out of the nursery premises and that will lead to further danger. Having doors fully unlocked that lead to the public streets, will encourage the children to step out there because it?s not locked as it should be, this could lead to further danger

    • Word count: 930
  4. Marked by a teacher

    Individual Needs in Health & Social Care

    3 star(s)

    Everyone?s bodies are different, there are certain we all share, such as good and nutritious food, clean water, shelter and an unpolluted environment to live in. sometimes we take part in activities which can be harmful to us physically, such as taking drugs, smoking, drinking alcohol excessively or not taking enough exercise. These damage our bodies so that our physical needs are not met. Intellectual needs: this needs develop and keep our brains working as well as possible. They include mental activity and stimulation to keep us motivated and interested, rather than bored.

    • Word count: 5336
  5. Marked by a teacher

    CACHE Level 2: Unit 5. The 4 aspects of professional practice that I have chosen are: Non-judgemental approaches to practice Time keeping and attendance Short and long term planning Supporting colleagues

    3 star(s)

    When helping colleagues this would also mean during the setting and also probably outside the setting as well. D3. When developing the knowledge or skills that will improve aspect of professional practice the practitioner would have to cooperate with each aspect of the professional aspect: 1. When developing the knowledge and skills of Non-judgemental approach in the practice the practitioner would have to always find evidence linking to a crime and the person who committed the crime before pointing fingers at a person.

    • Word count: 1760
  6. Marked by a teacher

    The epidemic of fast food and its effect on the health of Americans.

    3 star(s)

    On average, one in four Americans visit a fast food restaurant every day. Along with that, cars, convenience, and poor exercise has helped contribute to what the World Health Organization is now calling an epidemic. It is said that the first fast food chain to have started it all was white castle. White Castle was founded in 1921 and played an important role in the development of fast food. During the time it was founded, many people thought hamburgers came from spoiled meat and slaughterhouse scraps. White Castle helped change the public opinion and gave hamburger meat a better reputation nationwide.

    • Word count: 857
  7. Marked by a teacher

    Care Values Bases in Care Settings

    3 star(s)

    Because everyone different people have different views of different and see the world in different ways. The difference between people is called diversity. Discrimination means treating people or groups of people differently in comparison to other people or groups of people. Unfair discrimination is when people or a group of people are treated unfair or unequally in comparison with other people or groups of people. When someone is discriminate unfairly against someone else we say they are prejudiced against that person or group of people. Prejudice means being bias or preconceived opinion against a person or a group of people.

    • Word count: 2339
  8. Marked by a teacher

    Principles of effective communication and potential barriers

    3 star(s)

    You also have to make sure that the message is told in a way so the person you are talking to will understand it easily. If you want to send out effective communication, you also have to ask yourself why you are telling this message, and what do you want the receiver to take away. If you do not know what the objective of the message is, there will be no hopes of the communication process being a success. That is why it should always be clear what the objectives of communication are.

    • Word count: 606
  9. Marked by a teacher

    Analysis of Health and Safety risks in a nursey setting.

    3 star(s)

    any one of the children could possibly have tripped over the mop and bucket of water or by leaving the bleach on the table a child could possibly think it is paint and accidentally pour on themselves and others this can be dangerous because you don't know if the child will badly react to the chemical which can lead to severe burning of the skin. This falls under the ('COSHH' act 1998) the act clearly states 'This act is addressed to employers to control substances that are hazardous to health such as paint, bleach or dust from natural materials these

    • Word count: 1001
  10. Marked by a teacher

    Factors that can affect self concept

    3 star(s)

    If you have high self-esteem, it implies that you have confidence in your own nature and abilities. To have low self-esteem implies the opposite. People with low self-esteem tend to doubt their abilities, and are often hindered by their own low opinion of themselves. However, it is possible to raise your level of self-esteem. When your self-esteem is higher, this makes it easier to deal with negative situations and even to be happy. Here are lists of factors that affects people self concept: * Age * Appearance * Media * Culture * Gender * Education * Income * Relationships * Abuse P3 M2/D1 Relationships The quality of our emotional relationships influences how we feel about ourselves all through our lives.

    • Word count: 1182
  11. Marked by a teacher

    Caring For Older People. Explain why there are difficulties defining the term older perso

    3 star(s)

    She can't feed herself, or wash herself and she doesn't really recognise anybody including her family. But on the other hand my other grandmother who is seventy-two is still independent in every way, she has her own house, she walks down to the shops every day, she cooks Sunday dinner for the whole family every week, she goes to weight watchers and is even quite trendy! I think this contrast shows how different 'old people' can be. Because although both of my grandmothers are classified as an 'old person', they are both completely different.

    • Word count: 1363
  12. Marked by a teacher

    How Legislation aims to stop discrimination. Naima is rejected form a job within a shop which would have involved speaking t o customers. She was told that her English wasnt good enough. The act (Equality Act 2010) policy is to protect the rights

    3 star(s)

    * Age This will protect Naima because her characteristic is Race and she was discriminated directly against because she has a really strong accent and is hard to understand. Also possibly because her clothes that she is wearing is different from the people working there. Another situation that occurred would be that Naima is a target of bulling and being victimised by another co-worker in the care home. The co-worker calls her "that wog". That would come under the protected characteristics -religion and belief.

    • Word count: 801
  13. Marked by a teacher

    In this assignment I will be discuss the legislation relating to people who have support needs. The three acts I will discuss is the Disability Discrimination Act, Mental Health act and the Mental Capacity Act.

    3 star(s)

    The employer has to make reasonable adjustments that will improve the working environments in which disabled staff work in order to overcome disadvantages arising from the way the workplace is set out. There are currently 1.3 million disabled people in the UK who are available for and want to work. It also says that public transport and services should be made more accessible to people with disabilities. They have the rights to the correct information about transport and what's available such as timetables.

    • Word count: 728
  14. Marked by a teacher

    Diversity and Explain the potential effects of discriminatory practice on those who use health or social care service.

    3 star(s)

    The television shows one watches, and the clothes a person buys affect social class. School, work, religious, and home lives are also linked to the influence of social classes. Schools and the workplace are greatly influenced by social class. The look of employment is changing because workers can no longer expect to work their way up through a company. Many companies look outside of the company for people with the right educational background instead of hiring from within. For people to move up in the social hierarchy, they must obtain higher education. Instead of spending years at a lower level position, people are spending more time in school and moving directly into management.

    • Word count: 1285
  15. Marked by a teacher

    Explain the potential effects if 5 life factors on the development of an individual.

    3 star(s)

    you knew you could only ease and not get rid of you would become fed up and depression may be as result of this in both teenagers and adults. Socially: it may stop them from things such as sports or something as simple as going shopping on the weekend. A teenager would be largely affected by this due to them being in education. www.yahoo.answers.com/cysticfibrosis Biological factors: Foetal alcohol syndrome refers to growth, mental, and physical problems that may occur in a baby when a mother drinks alcohol during pregnancy.

    • Word count: 1222
  16. Marked by a teacher

    Explain the main principles of health and safety legislation and guidelines for health and social care environment.

    3 star(s)

    Control of substances hazards to health (COSHH) regulation 2002: this legislation is made to ensure that employers control exposure to hazards substances in the workplace. Although using chemicals or other hazardous substances at work can cause a range of risk that can cause diseases, asthma and cancer and this legislation is made to control the substances that can harm the employers at the workplace. Although ensure that all employers who use hazards substances are properly informed, trained and supervised and that to reduce the risk that can face them.

    • Word count: 957
  17. Marked by a teacher

    In my discussion I am going to describe about statutory provision for a children under 5 years in a nursery class of a state school. Explain how to prepare to work in a placement with children. B1. Explain why first impression you make in the setting are

    3 star(s)

    Religious education must also be provided. Subject that teachers can use to check your child's progress and plan their future learning. Child's progress is assessed, tested and reported to their parents. The National Curriculum is a statutory framework used by all government funded schools to ensure that teaching and learning is balanced and consistent. D2 Describe the purpose of One setting that is a different type of provision for each age range A private nursery school for children under 5 years are run by voluntary organizations.

    • Word count: 1374
  18. Marked by a teacher

    Identify factors that could affect the individuals self concept, and explain how these might affect them (P3) and (M3)

    3 star(s)

    Your self-concept will grow and change as you grow older. * Appearance - somewhere between 10 and 12 years of age, children start to work out how they fit in with others: do they look good or not, are they popular with others or not? Children will also start to analyse the ways in which they are like or not like others. The physical shape of our body, height, weight, hair, eye and skin colour all have an influence on self-image. If we think we look good, then we have a positive self-image.

    • Word count: 1588
  19. Marked by a teacher

    Care Value Base

    3 star(s)

    The service user has the right to see the doctor and shouldn't be discriminated against because of her disability, gender and ethnic group or because of her religious beliefs. Therefore the government have set up laws and legislations to protect people from being discriminated and to discriminate against others. Confidentiality; Disclosure Maintaining confidentiality of information is an important part of Caring. Confidentiality is when being trusted by someone or someone who can keep secrets or private affairs with confidence. Disclosure is when a practitioner passes on certain information onto someone else.

    • Word count: 2949
  20. Marked by a teacher

    Barriers of Communication

    3 star(s)

    A way to overcome this barrier is by using the individual's preferred spoken language to communicate or get an interpreter to help you. If someone has disabilities, you wouldn't feel comfortable talking to them because if they are blind you wouldn't have eye contact and if they are deaf you wouldn't know how to explain something to them. You should allow sufficient time for the person to make you understand the message they are trying to send to you, repeating the message would also help them, because if they have a misunderstanding, and you repeated the message, it would clear the misunderstanding and would be easier to understand.

    • Word count: 1043
  21. Marked by a teacher

    P5 P6 M3 D2 unit 7

    3 star(s)

    She thought this was good because I wasn't patronising towards her. Another would be my use of props/signs- as I showed the service user pictures of how I was going to take her temperature and also acted out the procedure on myself, so she would feel comfortable and she knew it wouldn't hurt or discomfort her. Activity 2 was more complex as I couldn't use the same type of communications- like eye contact and facial expression, which would be useless in this kind of situation as the service user had just had both their eyes operated in and dressed.

    • Word count: 1222
  22. Marked by a teacher

    predictable and unpredictable major life events on the development of the individual

    3 star(s)

    Any major changes can influence development positively within their life, as they grow. When they start secondary school they would want to make new friends and cope with the changes that would come ahead of them, which is known as positive learning. However, there could be risks of stress because no-one might let him/her hang around with them or he/she don't fit in with any group which is painful and makes them feel lonely and anxious; sometimes worthless. Perhaps no one listens to them - then he/she feel that no one cares. This may not really be happening but it feels that way and it hurts.

    • Word count: 610
  23. Marked by a teacher

    Unit 1 Section C Health and Social Care

    3 star(s)

    When people discriminate unfairly against someone else, we say they are prejudice against that person. Maintaining Confidentiality of information In care work, sustaining information confidential is vital. It is an important right of all clients. It is important for the following reasons: * Trust - If you know your carer will not tell anyone else about your problems, you will be able to confide in them, knowing that they will not pass on things you have said. * Self-esteem - If your care worker successfully keeps your matters confidential, this shows that the care worker respects and values you.

    • Word count: 1945
  24. Marked by a teacher

    Unit 1 Section B Health and Social Care

    3 star(s)

    8.30 Professor Majeed arrives at his desk and works through email and phone messages. He said: "If I'm attending my GP surgery in Clapham, I have to drive and be there for 7.45 so it really makes me appreciate the fact that I can walk from my house in Fulham to the Charing Cross. However, I don't escape public transport all week, as I'm often over at the South Kensington and St Mary's Campuses." 9.30 Professor Majeed spends time briefing his PA and Departmental Administrator about any issues that may have arisen in the Department.

    • Word count: 3460
  25. Free essay

    Section A - PIES

    3 star(s)

    My client has enough money but would like a bit more. Physical - Hillary doesn't smoke at the moment but she used to this is a good thing. She also drinks alcohol socially this is ok because it is good for her to drink alcohol sometimes. My client does not have any long term illness and she is not regularly ill this is a very good thing. She exercises regularly this is a good thing. Every day she washes and she bushes her teeth twice a day this is good as she keeps her self clean.

    • Word count: 657

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