(P3)- Explain two medical conditions related to unbalanced diets

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BTEC First Health and Social Care Level 2                                                Unit 11: Impact on Diet on Health

Medical Conditions


They are many medical conditions that are based upon unbalanced diets. One example of a medical condition, which is caused by a lack of vitamin D in the body, is a condition which affects bone development, in children.  It also is caused in adults, but it is called osteomalacia or which is caused soft bones. Rickets are normally from people who emigrate from warm countries; these people have a lack of vitamin D. in order for a person to overcome rickets, it is advised for them to, include calcium into their diet. This is because there are consuming a little calcium into our diet. This is why we have to change our diet and include a calcium supplement, such as calcium carbonate. If not we should eat calcium rich foods. If so it can improve our bones and strengthen them. Symptoms causes the bones to be very painful, soft and also weak.  Other systems, such as a bone problem, are slower delay of skeletal growth. To prevent rickets generally we should spend little time in the sun. As rickets is usually found by children, we should include in our schools diet menu, is food which includes vitamin D and also calcium. If this is included in our diets, we will gain back bones which are more stabilised and healthy.

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Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, is to do with our teeth, it is commonly found in young children and well as young adults. It is caused by food which is high in sugars and also a lack of dental hygiene. The cause of tooth decay is, through the build-up of plaque; around our gum line and arrears around our mouths. Plaque is a very dirty substance, such as saliva, bacteria which are in the mouth. It gradually starts to begin to compose together and left for a long time. They contain a certain acid which can cause some problems in ...

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The start of a good piece of work here. Two health diseases caused by poor diet have been described and suggestions are given as to how they can be improved. Well done for including the criteria to be addressed. I would have liked to have seen a little more information in relation to Rickets - what other foods apart from milk could help? Perhaps detail regarding the source of the information could be provided so the reader can follow up what has been said. There were several spelling & grammar errors which could be minimised by careful proof-reading. Overall though a good piece of work. 4/5