Private Sector and Public Sector in Childcare

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Private Sector and Public Sector

To define a private sector, it’s easy to say that it operates outside the bounds of government control and receives funding only from patients and their insurance policies. This is because a private sector is the piece of the economy that is made up of care businesses, such as private hospitals. Private sector offers alternatives to government-run public health care system. Private sectors are most popular in the UK because people in the UK go to high street pharmacist and nurseries, and self-employed care practitioners, such as child-minders, counsellors and osteopaths. Advantages of private sector is they are owned by private companies and therefore are seen to be cheaper to operate. Private sector have more control in terms of wages and costing of the service. However, there are disadvantages to private sector; if the company does not make money than it might have to back by the taxpayers.

A public sector is generally composed of organisations that are owned and operated by the government. This includes national, local, state-run, or community governments, depending on where you live. Privacy legislation usually calls organisations in the public sector a public body or a public authority. Advantages of public sectors is that public control the services and therefore the profit margins are kept low. The costs of using public sectors are covered from the taxpayer therefore people are unlikely to go to debt. The government directly controls public sectors, therefore public sectors cannot be used inappropriately. However, there are disadvantages like the money that is used comes from the taxpayers, therefore there would be a limitations of money to spend on certain things so won’t be valued.

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The obvious difference between public and private sectors is that public sector are usually within a government agency, whilst private sector are those where employees are working for non-governmental agencies.

Social services

Social services have a statutory commitment to protect and advance the welfare of defenceless children and can give an extensive variety of services to children and their guardians, ordinarily inside the own home surroundings and co-ordinated by a social specialist. Families frequently feel on edge at the possibility of social services' inclusion as a result of encounters they may have gotten notification from others, or only on the grounds that ...

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