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Questionaire- How do teenagers views on dieting/slimming affect their lifestyle?

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How do teenagers' views on dieting/slimming affect their lifestyle Hi. I am a form 3 student working on a research concerning how do teenagers' (13-19) views on dieting/slimming affect their lifestyles. I would like to probe into this matter to find out more on teenager's views on dieting/slimming, what they will do in order to achieve their ideal body shape, and whether they acquire enough knowledge in terms of dieting/slimming. Please spend a few minutes to complete the questionnaire. All information collected will be confidential and only for educational use. Thank you. (For all questions, please tick the appropriate answer unless otherwise stated) Personal Particulars Sex: ? Female ? Male Age group: ? 13-15 ? 16-17 ? 18-19 Education level: ?Primary ?Junior Secondary (form 1-3) ?Senior Secondary (form 4-7) ?Graduate Questions: Part A: Self-esteem 1. To what extent are you satisfied with your body shape? ? strongly satisfied ? partially satisfied ? neutral ? partially dissatisfied ? strongly dissatisfied 2. How strong is your want to slim? (skip question 3 if you do not want to slim) ...read more.


costly ? unhealthy ? healthy ? toilsome ? worthy ? difficult ? others:_________(please specify) 6. What methods would you use when you slim? (Please rank, 1 as what you do most, 7 as what you do least) 1? do more exercises 6? eat dieting pills 7? skip meals 3? stop eating fried/oily food 2? eat more nutritious food 4? sleep early 5? join slimming courses 7. Through what means do you acquire knowledge about slimming/dieting? (such as methods of slimming, consequences of different ways of slimming etc.) ? school education ? magazines ? internet ? television ? friends ? family ? others:_________(please specify) 8. What do you think of the slimming trend nowadays? (you can choose more than 1) ? unhealthy ? dangerous ? should be encouraged ? should not be encouraged ? it is not a problem ? others:_________(please specify) Part C: Lifestyle 1. To what extent do you agree that slimming/dieting does affect your lifestyle? ? ...read more.


Skipping breakfast can help you lose weight. (w) 2. The greater the exercise intensity is, the better the effects of weight loss are. ( c) 3. Eating 5-6 smaller meals instead of 3 large meals per day can help you lose weight. ( w ) 4. Taking supplements such as fiber and protein is a good way of losing weight. ( c ) 5. Sleep too much will make you become fatter. ( c ) 6. Eating spicy food to lose weight is very effective since it will make you sweat. (w ) 7. Do exercise with empty stomach is harmful for our health. ( c ) 8. Carbohydrates should be avoided since it will transformed to fats and cause you to become fat. ( c ) 9. Eat more vegetables is a good way of losing weight. ( c ) 10. Drink a lot of liquid protein is a good way of losing weight since it can burn your calories. ( c ) This is the end of the questionnaire. Thank you. ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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