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Science in the Workplace. A nurse is also very important to the health of the nation and this is why all schools are assigned a school nurse to make sure that all students are safe and healthy.

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Science in the Workplace Nurse Science is very important in the nursing profession. As such, a lot of experience and qualifications are needed to have all the information required. A nurse is also very important to the health of the nation and this is why all schools are assigned a school nurse to make sure that all students are safe and healthy. Alison Gowland is the school nurse for Stanley School of Technology. Alison is a registered general nurse, a registered sick child nurse. She also has a family planning qualification. She is employed at the Stanley Health Centre and is sent to the school from her workplace. Colette Chiplady is a registered school and staff nurse. She has a registered general nursing qualification. This qualification ensures that people can carry out general nursing duties. They are normally able to care for various different people and address there needs. Both nurses also work at Stanley Health Centre. ...read more.


A school nurse is usually assigned to several schools so that all pupils in the local area on a weekly basis and therefore offers more confidentiality without having to see a doctor. Vaccinations are administered by school nurses. Vaccinations are used to give people immunity, or at least partial immunity to a disease. They usually contain either a weakened version of a virus or a dead version of a virus which will both offer immunity to an ordinary virus. When the vaccination has been administered, the body will have a natural immune reaction to it. The body will detect the virus injected and have automatically try to combat the disease, as if it was a fully functioning virus. The white blood cells will produce antibodies that are individual in that they will not combat any other disease. Antibodies will kill a disease by binding with it. The white blood cells will then digest the virus and then be expelled from the body. ...read more.


Alcohol is dangerous when first used as it affects the senses and can cause people to make irrational decisions and put them in danger. It also has a long term effect as it is a poison to the body and damages the liver which in the long term can cause liver damage, disease and even failure. Smoking also has an immediate effect. It prevents the cells in the throat from protecting from harmful substances or other things which it would normally rid the body of. It also causes a build up of tar in the lungs which can cause difficulty breathing and worse quality of life. It also has many dangerous substances in a cigarette which cause poisoning and radioactivity. With prolonged smoking, the lungs will not function properly and gives an increased chance of cancer in the lungs as well as heart disease and heart attacks. Drugs can also alter the mind of the users. This will place them in danger as they will no longer understand risks or dangers and put themselves in danger. Drugs are also addictive which means that people cannot stop use them and need them. ...read more.

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