The Children Act 2004 and Abuse.

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Children Act

The children act 2004 is an act to make provision for the creation of a Children’s  Official; to make delivery about services on condition that to and for children and undeveloped people by local authorities and other individuals; to make running in relation to England about commended and support services relating to family records.

The act was created with a certain set of goals. Its primary purpose was to give boundaries and help for  and other individuals to better normalise official interference in the interests of children. This Act's ultimate purpose is to make the UK better and safer for children of all ages. The idea behind the Act is to promote between multiple official units to improve the overall well-being of children. The 2004 Act also specifically provided for including and affecting disabled children.

A parent or guardian may abuse or neglect a child by imposing harm, or by failing to act to stop harm. Staff in Alperton Nursery be acquainted with that child abuse can and does happen in all types of families. The different social and cultural backgrounds of the children do not establish barriers to child abuse and in most circumstances children are abused by individuals known to them, rather than strangers. Child abuse can take many formats, but all case in point can be generally characterised under one of four headings; neglect, physical abuse, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

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Neglect is the tenacious failure to meet elementary physical and psychological needs, which may result in the serious deficiency of the child’s health and development. For example; poor hygiene, untreated medical problems, thinness or under nourishment. Staff may notice behavioural signs such as a child who always seems to be hungry, is continuously tired or talks of being left alone.

Physical symbols may include unexplained bruising in unlikely areas, facial bruising, hand or finger marks, bite marks, burns, cuts or scrapes. Staff may notice certain behavioural signs that also point to physical abuse, such as a child that shy’s away ...

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