The principles, stages and sequences of growth and development in children

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Tayyibah Ali

The principles, stages and sequences of growth and development in children

There are many developments throughout a child’s life such as physical development, social and emotional development, intellectual development and communication development. Physical development is when the body changes and you start to develop fine motor skills such as writing. Social development is when you start meeting new people and become more involved in relationships and the society. Emotional development is when you start expressing your own feelings and emotions about different situations. Intellectual development is when you start learning new things, this is also called cognitive development. Communication development is when you start using speech to communicate and start listening to others talking.

There are three main principles of development, the first one is that development starts from the head and works down the body, the second is the development happens in the same order no matter what but may occur at different rates and the last is that all area’s of development are linked together.

The five stages of development are infancy, early years, childhood, puberty and adolescence. Infancy starts from birth to one year, early years start from one year to three years, puberty starts from eight to twelve years and lastly adolescence starts from thirteen to sixteen years.

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A milestone of development refers to the age at which most children should have reached a certain stage of development, for example, walking alone by 18 months, or smiling at 6 weeks.

Many children will have reached that stage of development much earlier, but the important thing is whether a child has reached it by their milestone age. Average ages are set for development stages, and these will be different. An average age is in the middle of the range of ages when all children reach a certain age, for example, for the walking the range can be from ...

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A very good essay that coves the main developmental areas and milestones. There are a couple of areas that need a little more clarity - such as age ranges and the writer could add a little further detail to development in certain parts. ****