‘The Labourers’ Revolt (Swing Riots) in the Andover area was more ferocious than anywhere else in the south’Do you agree with this interpretation?

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Karen Spanswick

‘The Labourers’ Revolt (Swing Riots) in the Andover area was more ferocious than anywhere else in the south’

Do you agree with this interpretation?

Explain your answer using the sources and knowledge from your studies.

The labourers’ revolt was very ferocious in Andover but no more than some other places in the south.

I agree that the Swing Riots were more ferocious in Andover because there is evidence in source A that parties of rioters would burn all the stacks and barns at Barton Stacey near Andover. Also in villages near Andover a crowd of 300 men destroyed threshing machines and other farming equipment. Shops and houses had to be shuttered and barred due to the fear of being robbed as the rioters moved around Andover demanding liquor and money from pedestrians. Taskers Iron Foundry was also attacked in Abbots Ann because threshing machines were produced there this is also mentioned in Source J men had to be laid off work due to the mass damage of the machines. £2000 worth of damage was done. We know that these things happened because the labourers were revolting for better wages. The source may also be reliable as it was written by an historian writing about the swing Riots in the Hampshire Review.

I agree that the Swing Riots may have been more ferocious than anywhere else in the South as source B shows than Hampshire as a whole had over one hundred disturbances over a period of two years, which is the highest amount of riots in the south. This source is also likely to be reliable because it was written for a textbook for schools in 1985 so the source is very likely to be unbiased also the source contains facts as numbers so this makes the source more reliable.

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Source D is evidence given by a family that was threatened by the rioters In St Mary Bourne. A Reverend saw a mob of 200 people or more with sticks, bludgeons, pickaxes and a chain were coming to their house. They forced the door open and demanded money and threatened them by saying ‘We’ll have money or blood’. This helps prove that the swing riots were very ferocious in and around Andover.

Source I states that the Andover district had more damage done to machinery than in any other part of Hampshire. This source I consider reliable because ...

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