Adolf Hitler was one of the 20th century's most powerful dictators.

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Adolf Hitler was one of the 20th century’s most powerful dictators. Hitler saw a nation in anguish and used this as an occasion to add political power. He saw a nation of jobless and hungry citizens and assured them economic opulence in return for unconditional power. Someone once said “The Nazis rose to power on the empty stomachs of the German people? Hitler was born in Austria. Hitler had a relatively comfortable childhood. Although he was an above average student he was more interested in art than in academics. Like most German speaking citizens of Austria-Hungary, Hitler considered himself German and urbanized a physically powerful wisdom of German nationalism. By 1908 both Hitler’s parents had died.
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Hitler pretended to continue his studies in order to get an orphan’s pension. In 1913, Hitler went to Munich to escape Austrian authorities who were after him because he failed to register for the draft. Hitler volunteered for the German army.When Germany was defeated in 1918, he blamed the Jews and decided he would go into politics to save the country. After the war, Hitler returned to Munich. He was selected to be a political speaker by the local army headquarters. He was given special training in public speaking. Later in life Hitler used his skill in motivational speaking to ...

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