An Estate Agent's Guide To A Roman Villa

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This is a beautiful house is not worth missing!

This massive house is a bit pricy.



Here is what’s included!

This beautiful house includes these slaves:

 II general household slave

This slave can clean your house, serve your table

II personal slaves                              

 This slave looks after all your personal needs such as dressing you and sorting hair.

II doormen

These slaves are usually large. They tend to be outside a villa to keep away unwelcome visitors      

II tutors

These rare slaves are often Greeks and can read and write and teach you’re young.

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II cook+ II cooks assistant

This is the most important jobs in the house these slaves have to feed you on a day to day basis.

II masseur

In the bath this slave rubes of your worries.

II secretaries

These Greek slaves can write letters for the owner of the house

II gardeners

These slaves will keep your garden tidy.

II Musicians

These will play your favourite music at parties!

               What’s included in this house.


This is the first thing your guests will see!


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