An Outline of the Vietnam War

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Vietnam Essay

             When Vietnam became involved in a Guerilla War against France in 1946, the USA gave the French over $1 billion over the course of the 8 year war to aid them and to stop it's fear of the 'Domino Theory' becoming a reality. However, despite the financial support, the Vietnam won. The peace talks for this war were held in Geneva. These resulted in the country being split along the 17th parellel. The North was a communist republic controlled by Ho Chi Minh and the Viet Minh (a resistance group established in the 19th century to protect Vietnam against foreign attack) and the South was a capitalist republic lead by President Diem who was being backed by the USA.

             It was planned that after 2 years an election would be held to unite the country however due to Diem's harsh rule, many of the South Vietnamese supported Minh; this meant that the elections would turn Vietnam communist in 1957. This worried the USA who then forbid the South Vietnamese people to take part in the vote. This make them more bitter toward the South Vietnamese government but the USA continue sending weapons and money to support it. This lead to the National Liberation Front (NLF) (known as the Vietcong to the government' being established by South Vietnamese communists to fight back against the government. In response to this emergence, President Kennedy sent 10,000 US advisors to help the South Vietnam troops in its battle against the Vietcong. This included torturing peasants in attempt to destry the NLF.

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             After the assasination of Kenndy, L.B. Johnstone took over as president and decided to increase the number of troops in Vietnam. These troops patrolled the North Vietnamese border looking for the NLF. In August 1964, they retalliated, attacking the American Destroyer on The Gulf of Tonkin. This gave Johnstone the excuse he needed to launch attack on the Noth Vietnamese; he passed the Tonkin Resolution. The USA soon began bombing North Vietnam factories, railways and bridges however they often missed their targets hitting schools and hospitals. By 1966, these bombings were happening 164 times ...

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