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Black Slavery

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Black Slavery Africa was found in 1444 by Portuguese explorers. On arrival they kidnapped black people and took them back to Europe. The slave trade had begun. When America was discovered in 1490 white people were going to settle down their but they realised they needed a lot of work done to live their. So they took African slaves back to America to work. The Triangular Trade The Triangular trade was a route used by European merchants who exchanged goods with African Kings for black slaves - the black slaves were then taken to America where they were made to work as a slave and produce goods such as Sugar and Coffee. From Europe goods such as copper and guns were taken to Africa, where they exchanged these goods for slaves. They exchanged the goods with African Kings. Enslaved black people where then taken to America to produce goods such as Rum and Rice as a slave. ...read more.


John. And most slaves were not aloud to speak their own language. < An advertisement to Sell black slaves. 1800 -�70 <slaves 1840 -�600 were 1850 -�1500 much 1860 -�2000 needed Living & Working Conditions Africans had to rely on their owners to provide with them with a house or building materials to build a house. Slaves did not dare complain as they would have received punishment. Slaves were allocated in the plantation; either owner provided them with a house or materials to build a house. To save money they even put 10 slaves in one little hut. People who worked in the plantation house were generally given better housing, food and clothes. Slaves were given very little food to cook with so slaves most lived on a diet of fatty meat and cornbread. Slaves were given only a pair of shoes and 3 underwear a year- as if they were animals. ...read more.


Not enough work done or even sweeping wrong. The punishments included were: -Whipping -Branding -Body parts cut off - Put in chains for days - Kicking or Punching and many more. Slaves that attempted to runaway were chased after by dogs and when found were either branded or hanged depending on the slave owner. Slave owners did not often hang slaves as their slaves were valuable. Branding was when slave owners burned their slaves with a hot metal pole. Here is a slave who has been branded: Olaudah Equiano Olaudah Equiano was 11 years old when he was kidnapped from the forest and taken to America as a slave. He bought his freedom and all other black slaves have a right which you have taken away from them they all deserve Freedom. Conclusion Everyone deserves their freedom that's why slavery should be abolished altogether. Look what every black slave has to go through, imagine you in that state- skin colour does not matter we are all the same. That's why slavery should be abolished forever. THANK YOU. ...read more.

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