Both The Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent society created by the Bolshevik

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Both The Bolshevik Revolution and the subsequent society created by the Bolshevik, were communist.

Asses the validation of this view.

The Bolshevik revolution and the society made by it, were not communist. Yes there Revolution was communist, but the society that was created was not communist, This is due to the fact that a civil war started after Russia pulled out of the war, and had to change to War Communism. War communism is when the Bolshevik had to implement new laws in order to keep the country afloat, But on the other hand, the Bolshevik did try, as they gave more power to the people.

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Bolshevik was not communist due to the Laws that were changed, and the way that the country changed. Because the of War Communism, people became pushed aside again. Grain requisitioning, this is when the Bolshevik were sending units of the Red guard into the country side to find grain for the hard-pressed cities. The banning of private, All private trade were banned, but the state trading was very chaotic and was not producing enough products, so the black market started in order for people to survive, But on the other hand after the Civil war had ended all the ...

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This is an accurate response but it is lacking in detail. The author could have strengthened it considerably by noting dates and the official names of policies like the NEP and Land Decree and by being clearer about what a communist state would look like in the introduction. 3 out of 5 stars.