International History. Option W – 1919-63

Part 2 1945-1963 (Key Issues 7-9)

Key Issue 7- Why did the USA and the USSR become rivals in the period 1945-49

The breakup of the wartime alliances

  1. A. What united GB, USA and the Soviet Union between 1941-5

In 1941 Hitler launched an attack on Russia, this breached the terms of the Nazi-Soviet pact. The USA GB and Russia had disliked the Germans for a long time because of their political ideas but this united them together against the Germans.

  1. What disagreements were there between the USA and the Soviet Union during this period?

The USA and Soviet Union had many differences during this period despite being allies. The main differences between the two countries were their political ideas. The Soviet Union was communist and a one party state, whereas the USA was a democratic country. In America there were numerous parties, all of whom were allowed to be a part of national elections which decided who would take control of their country. They also had social, economic and cultural differences. In the Soviet Union all industry was owned by communists and living standards were poor. Whereas in the USA living standards were higher and industry was privately owned

3. What was agreed at the Yalta conference of February 1945?

The Yalta conference took place in February 1945, Stalin, Churchill and Roosevelt met and wanted to come to a decision on what should be done with the countries freed from German rule. They decided that these countries should hold free democratic elections. Germany would also be divided into zones and would have to pay 20 billion dollars in reparations. Also the UN would be set up in order to replace the League of Nations. Eastern Poland would be given to the Soviet Union and when the Germans were defeated the Russians were to attack Japan.

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Origins of the Cold war.

  1. Why did the position of the Red Army worry the USA at the end of the War worry the USA?

At the end of the War the soviets postion worried the USA. Many Eastern European countries had been liberated by the soviets. The Soviets had 6 million soldiers situated in the Eastern European countries. The USA was worried that the Soviets were try and eventually spread communism in to Western Europe. As much as this angered the Americans they couldn’t do anything about it without using military force which so soon after ...

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