Compare and contrast the influence, outside countries, of Mao and Hitler

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Compare and contrast the influence, outside countries, of Mao and Hitler

Until the death of German Fuhrer Hitler and Chinese dictator Mao in 1944 and 1976 respectively, due to their interests, the two countries not only had an influence towards the countries around them, but the world. And the state of foreign policy, which it was mainly influenced by its distinctive ideology, had a huge impact too. Here the common factor about two single parties nation was that they were both involved in the wars. In particular, Germany took main role in World War 2, which it totally changed the history of countries that are even located in Far East Asia. Whilst the scale of the wars in which Mao’s Communist China was involved in was smaller compared to Germany, but it utterly changed the whole ideology and destiny of a country. Here, the nation that I am talking about is like North Korea. However, at the same time we must remember that the nature of involvement of wars were different; Hitler was more interest in his ideology and behalf, whereas Mao had a purpose of aid, in which rescuing other countries from what they see as an evil ideology, capitalism. Therefore, there is no doubt that the two totalitarian nations had a significant influence outside their countries. And most considerable influence outside their country was the consequence of their involvement in the wars. Thus, it is very important and effective to consider each dictator’s influence and power throughout comparing the impact they had in foreign domain.

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As I have mention above, Nazi Germany and People’s Republic of China both had involvement in the wars. To begin with, soon after the death of the Weimar Republic’s president, Hidenburg, Hitler seized the ultimate power of Germany and declared himself as a dictator, Fuhrer. With this, he commenced very radical and aggressive foreign policies. Since breaking Germany itself free from Versailles, step by step, Nazi prepared an ultimate war to retain its glory back. On 1 September 1939 the German army invaded Poland from the west. On 17 September, Soviet forces invaded Poland from the east. Poland was ...

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